Festival of the Year 2012: The Final Day

There can be only one...winner in each of our four categories.

There can be only one…winner in each of our four categories.

There’s just under 24 hours left to vote for the Festival of the Year. It’s been a wild ride over the last month. Below is a snapshot of the top 5 in each category as of this morning (although there’s certainly plenty of time to change). Bonnaroo has held the top spot for just over a week. Treefort Fest made a run to first place late on Friday. Electric Forest and Shambhala continue to reign in their respective categories.

Get your vote in today! Polls close at midnight (PT). Click here to vote.

Category #1: Festival of the Year 2012

  1. BONNAROO (25%)
  2. SUMMERFEST (20%)
  3. COACHELLA (14%)
  4. ALL GOOD (14%)
  5. SASQUATCH (4%)

Category #2: Best Debut Festival 2012 

  1. TREEFORT (36%)
  3. FIREFLY (15%)
  4. SUMMER SET (8%)

Category #3: Best EDM Festival 2012

Category #4: Best Canadian Festival 2012

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