Festival of the Year 2012

Who will walk away with the coveted Office Max certificate? It's up to you!

Voting for the 2012 Festival Awards is now closed. We will make the official announcement on January 16. 

Welcome to the debut MFW 2012 Festival Awards. The following fests will be voted on by the fans for the next four weeks with winners being declared in mid-January. You may vote once in each of the following categories.

Important Dates

Voting Opens: December 10, 2012
Voting Closes: January 14, 2013
Winners Announced: January 16, 2013

Category #1: Festival of the Year 2012

We took the most popular festival guides on Music Festival Wizard and picked the top 25 of 2012 to battle it out. One vote, one festival, one winner.
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Category #2: Best Debut Festival 2012 

The US welcomed a bunch of new festivals this season. Some will stay, some will go, but only one will be crowned the  best new festival of the year.

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Category #3: Best EDM Festival 2012

EDM festivals have never been hotter than in 2012. Time to pick your favorite.

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Category #4: Best Canadian Festival 2012

The strong Canadian music festival scene provides a 2012 throwdown between provinces and genres.

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How did you come up with these festivals?
The selected festivals are a curated list based on traffic within the site along with a very spirited debate with the MFW crew. Also, heavy drinking is involved.

What about the rest of the world?
MFW is based out of North America. For our first year, we wanted to keep it a bit smaller and local. Plus, there’s the excellent UK awards which do a rad job of covering oversea fests.

Where do I complain?
Comments sections below or drop us a line here. Feel free to also leave praise, thoughts, suggestions, and recipes. We especially enjoy baked goods.