Music Festivals Cancelled So Far In 2024

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Last Updated: April 19, 2024

The pandemic may be over, but supply chain issues, skyrocketing tour costs, and inflation have all made it a difficult market to navigate. The article will be updated continuously over the year to track which festivals have been canceled in 2024. Whenever possible, we will add the official statement from the organizers.

Possible Cancellations We Are Tracking

Electric Zoo 2024: Described as “an absolute shitshow“, the 2023 edition of Electric Zoo had more than enough issues to put it on the bubble of being canceled for 2024.

Festivals That Have Announced 2024 As Final Year

Shindig 2024: Venue difficulties and being an indie festival in this climate will mark the last year of this UK festival.

Mono Fomo 2024: The organizer announced that after 16 years, they would be retiring Mono Fomo.

Confirmed Cancellations For 2024

The Peach 2024: Zero communication on social media since the last event. Website is just the image of a peach. Extremely strong chance that The Peach won’t happen in 2024. (Update 2/21: Peach won’t be back according to official social media.)

Sol Blume 2024

Where: Sacramento, CA

Festival Statement

With heavy hearts, we announce the postponement of Sol Blume 2024 due to site safety concerns.

The Lineup: ,

More Info: Sol Blume 2024 Guide

Caloundra Music Festival 2024

Where: Queensland, Australia

Festival Statement

We are devastated to inform you all that we have had to make the very tough decision to cancel the 2024 Caloundra Music Festival

Our much-loved festival has joined a number of major events Australia-wide to be paused due to higher operating costs and the impact of cost-of-living pressures on ticket sales.

More Info: Caloundra Music Festival 2024 Guide

Made In America Festival 2024

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Festival Statement

Made In America will not take place in 2024.

Since its inception, this groundbreaking festival has celebrated music & community – from creating a space for fans to connect, to uplifting local small businesses & shining a light on important causes. It has strived for accessibility, eliminating barriers through affordable tickets and location.

As purveyors of change, the Made In America executive production team is reimagining a live music experience that affirms our love and dedication to music and the work we do.

We promise an exciting return to the festival

More Info: Made In America Festival 2024 Guide

Oblivion Access 2024

Where: Austin, TX

Festival Statement

t is with heavy hearts we announce that Oblivion Access will not be taking place in 2024. The past two years have been something we cherish. Thank you to everyone who came to the fest, the shows, bought merch, shared, performed, and to everyone who had a hand in the behind-the-scenes work in order to make OA happen.

More Info: Oblivion Access 2024 Guide

Meadows in the Mountains 2024

Where: Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Festival Statement

It is with a heavy heart and profound regret that we must share the news of the postponement of the 12th edition of Meadows in the Mountains until 2025. This decision comes as a result of multiple factors and weighs heavily on us.

We were recently informed by local authorities that permission to hold the festival on the scheduled dates has been revoked. This unforeseen circumstance arises due to the coinciding ban on large gatherings and the sale of alcohol, stemming from the European elections. Despite the full support of our mayor and the recognition of the circular economy that Meadows is bringing to local villages, the local authorities are no longer able to grant us permission. We acknowledge the disappointment and frustration this news may bring, particularly to those who have already made travel arrangements and eagerly anticipated this year’s event.

The news of the revoked permissions came as a crushing blow, rendering all our efforts in vain. Despite our best intentions and exhaustive preparations, the sudden obstacle posed by the authorities left us with no choice but to postpone this year’s event.

More Info: Meadows in the Mountains 2024 Guide

Imagine Festival 2024

Where: Rome, GA

Festival Statement

Imagine Festival is pausing in 2024 to enhance your experience. Thanks for your understanding as we work to create a more amazing festival for you.

More Info: Imagine Festival 2024 Guide

Splendour in the Grass 2024

Where: Byron Bay, Australia

Festival Statement

With a heavy heart, we’re announcing the cancellation of Splendour in the Grass 2024, originally scheduled from Friday 19 July to Sunday 21 July in Ngarindjin / North Byron Parklands. We know there were many fans excited for this year’s line-up and all the great artists planning to join us, but due to unexpected events we’ll be taking the year off.

More Info: Splendour in the Grass 2024 Guide

Body & Soul Festival 2024

Where: Westmeath, Ireland

Festival Statement

But we now find ourselves in a different time – the world has changed, and it’s time for us to evolve further. This means hitting pause on this year’s Body & Soul festival to give ourselves the space to dream and think bigger.

So outwardly we go quiet for a short time, but behind the scenes, we’ll be busy reinventing ourselves, preparing to re-emerge in our new form.

More Info: Body & Soul Festival 2024 Guide

Moonrise Festival 2024

Where: Baltimore, MD

Festival Statement

Note: Moonrise has not given an official statement or any info since last year, but local officials claim it will not return. 

More Info: Moonrise Festival 2024 Guide

Old Settler’s Music Festival 2024

Where: Tilmon, TX

Festival Statement

Hello OSMF family!

It is after much consideration that we have made the difficult decision to sell the OSMF Homestead, and to postpone the next festival until 2025.

We have had a wonderful 6 years at the property and have decided that it is much larger than we need and therefore we intend to sell it. We will consider keeping the festival on the property or pursuing other locations with camping and additional infrastructure.

Old Settler’s Music Festival will continue to thrive and will be back in 2025. We look forward to having each and every one of you on this journey with us!

More Info: Old Settler’s Music Festival 2024 Guide

PennFest 2024

Where: Buckinghamshire UK

Festival Statement

We are very sorry to announce that we are no longer able to run the 2024 edition of Pennfest. This is so we can take a year off and regroup for the 2025 event.

We know many of our regular attendees were very excited about the 2024 edition but over the past few months it has become more and more apparent that with lower than anticipated ticket sales coupled with significantly increasing costs in a very challenging economic climate has made it impossible to deliver the event to the standard our customers have become accustomed to, despite looking at all available options.

More Info: PennFest 2024 Guide

Neighbourhood Weekender 2024

Where: Warrington, UK

Festival Statement

Neighbourhood Weekender will be taking a break in 2024 but we’ll be back in 2025. More news on dates and line up next year!

More Info: Neighbourhood Weekender 2024 Guide

Beale Street Music Festival 2024

Where: Memphis, TN

Festival Statement

Beale Street Music Festival will pause for 2024. With a heavy heart, we share the news of the Beale Street Music Festival’s hiatus in 2024.

Last year the Beale Street Music Festival suffered a significant financial loss due to soaring expenses and a decline in attendance. In addition, our organization is navigating a legal matter with the Memphis River Parks Partnership, centered on a disagreement regarding a claim of $1.4 million dollars in damages related to our use of Tom Lee Park in 2023.

The Beale Street Music Festival is being paused in 2024 to explore all options to present an event in the future that meets the standards and authenticity expected of the brand.

As we navigate these uncharted waters, we can’t help but reflect on the 46 incredible years of the Beale Street Music Festival and your unwavering support. The future holds possibilities, and we hope to return stronger than ever, eager to continue the tradition of the Beale Street Music Festival.

More Info: Beale Street Music Festival 2024 Guide

Firefly Music Festival 2024

Where: Dover, DE

Festival Statement

Firefly Music Festival will not return in 2024.

We look forward to powering Firefly’s lights back on someday when the timing is right, but until then, The Woodlands will continue to host new music events for years to come. Keep on dancing, fam

More Info: Firefly Music Festival 2024 Guide

Sonic Bloom 2024

Where: Rye, CO

Festival Statement

SONIC BLOOM will be on hiatus in 2024.

Here on the winter solstice we reflect back on the 15 festivals we have experienced around the summer solstice together over the past 17 years with a profound sense of gratitude for the entire SONIC BLOOM community and for all of your participation & support since 2006… THANK YOU!

More Info: Sonic Bloom 2024 Guide

NASS Festival 2024

Where: Shepton Mallet, UK

Festival Statement

We’re gutted to announce that NASS will not be taking place in 2024. This decision has not been made lightly. Unfortunately, we have found ourselves impacted by both the cost-of-living crisis and the significant increase in operational costs to run a show like NASS. Regrettably, despite our best efforts, it’s just not economically feasible to continue.

We want to say a huge thank you and heartfelt appreciation to all the artists, athletes, suppliers, partners, media, and staff who have been part of NASS. And to you, our fans, thank you. NASS wouldn’t have existed without you. We feel incredibly privileged that so many of you chose to party with us each summer – many for your first time at a festival. Much love – NASS x

More Info: NASS Festival 2024 Guide

Moon River Festival 2024

Where: Chattanooga, TN

Festival Statement

Moon River will take a pause in 2024 as we explore some exciting opportunities to return bigger and better than ever in 2025.

Stay tuned for updates and please continue to support live music in Chattanooga!

More Info: Moon River Festival 2024 Guide

Suwannee River Jam 2024

Where: Live Oak, FL

Festival Statement

It is with a heavy heart and a profound sense of disappointment that we must announce the cancellation of this year’s Suwannee River Jam at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and Campground. We understand the deep connection and cherished memories that this event holds for everyone, and we share your sadness and frustration. The decision to cancel the Suwannee River Jam was not an easy one to make. We have faced numerous challenges, including the rising costs of talent, inflation, and other crucial factors that have made it increasingly difficult to sustain the event at the level of excellence you have come to expect.

Over the past 30 years, we have been fortunate enough to attract some of the best country artists available in the industry. It has been our pleasure to work tirelessly to bring these unique moments to our local community.

More Info: Suwannee River Jam 2024 Guide

Body Language 2024

Where: Chandler, AZ

Festival Statement

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the upcoming Body Language Festival.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to gathering again soon! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about our next Body Language Festival in the coming months.

Editors Note: This event was cancelled 7 days before it was scheduled to take place. 

More Info: Body Language 2024 Guide

Groovin’ The Moo 2024

Where: Australia Tour

Festival Statement

We are extremely disappointed to announce that the Groovin the Moo 2024 tour has been forced to cancel.

Ticket sales have not been sufficient to deliver a regional festival of this kind. All tickets will be refunded automatically.

Thank you to everybody who has supported the festival. We hope to be able to bring Groovin the Moo back to regional communities in the future.

More Info: Groovin’ The Moo 2024 Guide

Finland Rockfest 2024

Where: Hyvinkää, Finland

Festival Statement

Finland’s biggest rock festival Rockfest will not be organized in 2024.

The reason for the cancellation is the difficult availability of the main performers of the genre next summer at the time of Rockfest. The Rockfest program team has worked for well over a year to put together a program worthy of Rockfest, but unfortunately, the biggest names in the genre are not on the move or available at the time of Rockfest, so that the festival could have assembled a performer coverage worthy of a Rockfest-level event.

Rockfest is Finland’s largest rock festival and a massive event whose identity includes several performance stages, more than 30 performers and stadium-class international headliners. We want to cherish the quality level of the festival in every way, in a scaled version Rockfest would no longer be Rockfest.

🔥 Rockfest will take place again in 2025 and the event will make a return to the festival grounds stronger than ever. Planning work for the festival is already underway.

More Info: Finland Rockfest 2024 Guide

Bluedot Festival 2024

Where: Jodrell Bank, UK

Festival Statement

Underpinning bluedot’s mission is a sincere love and respect for the earth and environment we are lucky to be part of. However, at bluedot this July, that earth took a lot of strain. Experiencing the highest level of rainfall on the festival weekend since records began (records courtesy of Jodrell Bank’s own weather station!) we have patiently waited to see what the effects of this have been on the land itself.

We have now sadly reached the judgement that the ground on which the bluedot universe is built desperately needs some time to recover; a period of rest during which the soil will recover and regenerate. We are, as Carl Sagan put it, in very bad trouble if we don’t understand the planet we’re trying to save.

We have therefore taken the decision for bluedot to take a fallow year in 2024.

More Info: Bluedot Festival 2024 Guide

Dark Mofo 2024

Where: Hobart, Australia

Festival Statement

After 10 years of darkness, and in preparation for 10 more, Dark Mofo is pausing for 2024.

In its stead, two rituals will be presented to guide us through the dark days—Winter Feast and Nude Solstice Swim.

More Info: Dark Mofo 2024 Guide

MAHA Festival 2024

Where: Omaha, NE

Festival Statement

In a unanimous decision focused on sustainability and growth, the Maha Board of Directors is announcing that the festival will not be held this summer. Instead, organizers are taking 2024 to rework the festival’s operating model (taking into account industry-wide increases in festival costs) and making plans to return in 2025. This is a strategic step toward ensuring Maha’s vibrant future. We appreciate your continued support as we work toward an even brighter return.

A heartfelt thank you to every volunteer, sponsor, contributor and attendee who has been part of our journey, helping to create years of memories and unforgettable moments that defined summer in Omaha. Your support fuels our mission and makes every Maha Festival moment magical. Here’s to the memories and the ones yet to come.

More Info: MAHA Festival 2024 Guide

Standon Calling 2024

Where: Standon, UK

Festival Statement

Whilst planning for our return this summer over the past few months, it has become clear that the costs of running Standon Calling, already considerably higher over the last two years, have significantly increased again. This has made it practically impossible for us to deliver the fully-formed festival our audience has come to love, expect and deserve.

More Info: Standon Calling 2024 Guide

Riverbend Festival 2024

Where: Chattanooga, TN

Festival Statement

Riverbend Festival is on hiatus for 2024.

Like other independently owned and operated music festivals across the nation that are going on a temporary pause, Riverbend is reevaluating and restructuring in order to be successful in the future.

We are so incredibly thankful for 40 amazing years of Riverbend and for the unwavering support from our community. The future holds lots of possibilities, and we hope to return stronger than ever!

We’ll see you soon.

More Info: Riverbend Festival 2024 Guide

Karnaval Festival 2024

Where: Tilburg, Netherlands

Festival Statement

With great regret we have to inform you that Carnival Festival 2024 unfortunately has to be cancelled due to the extreme rainfall of the last few days. We are very sorry to announce this, but the safety and well-being of our visitors, artists and staff are our top priority.

The incessant rain of recent days has made it impossible for the event to take place in good conditions. Despite all our efforts to restore the site and keep the festival going, the risk of dangerous situations is too great.

We understand that this is disappointing news for everyone looking forward to this event.

More Info: Karnaval Festival 2024 Guide

MetalDays 2024

Where: Velenje, Slovenia

Festival Statement

Dear MetalDays Community,

It is with a mix of emotions that we share this news: MetalDays will not be held in 2024. Unfortunately, due to the challenges we’ve encountered, we’ve had to make the tough decision not to proceed with the festival this year.

After extensive discussions, we have made the difficult decission to postpone MetalDays 2024 and instead shift our focus to MetalDays 2025, scheduled to take place from July 27th to August 2nd, 2025. While this decision was not made lightly, we believe it is the most reasonable and in the best interest of everyone involved.

As you know, we have openly shared the challenges faced by MetalDays, along with many other festivals, over the past year. MetalDays 2023 encountered unprecedented difficulties due to severe flooding, leading to the cancellation of the last two festival days. The aftermath, coupled with the financial setbacks, has made it challenging for us to deliver the experience you all deserve.

More Info: MetalDays 2024 Guide

Sugar Pine 2024

Where: Grass Valley, CA

Festival Statement

After careful consideration, we are sorry to announce that the Sugar Pin Music Festival must take a hiatus in 2024. We look forward to gathering together in Grass Valley in 2025.

Until then, dance, hug those close to you, and support live music!

See you next time!

More Info: Sugar Pine 2024 Guide

Barn on the Farm 2024

Where: Gloucester, UK

Festival Statement

I’ll cut to the chase, after lots of lengthy discussions we have made the difficult decision to postpone Barn 24, and instead focus our attention on Barn 25, which will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of July 2025. As you know, we’ve been openly vocal about the difficulties that we, alongside many other festivals, have faced over the last year. So rather than rush into another season of planning, and be on the rocks financially, we feel it’s better for us to use our time this year to focus on planning 2025 and making a huge comeback. Barn 25 will be the festival we’re all after, and we need this time to make it as sensational as it can be.

As you know, the future of independent festivals is uncertain but my god do we need them for new music to survive. We hugely appreciate every single one of you who supports us moving forwards. This continues to be your festival and your festival family.

More Info: Barn on the Farm 2024 Guide

Metro Metro Festival 2024

Where: Montreal, QC

Festival Statement

Dear Metro Metro family,

Although we have shared memorable moments together during our recent editions, we have decided to hit pause on the festival for 2024. The festival has faced security challenges, particularly during the 2023 edition, and we want to take the time to review the festival’s process and model to ensure the safety and enhance the experience for festivalgoers.

More Info: Metro Metro Festival 2024 Guide

Connect Music Festival 2024

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

Festival Statement

We’ve decided to take a break with Connect Music Festival in 2024 to take the time to build the next edition of the festival; to make sure it flourishes, evolves, and continues to offer wonderful experiences for all the fans.

More Info: Connect Music Festival 2024 Guide

Format Festival 2024

Where: Bentonville, AR

Festival Statement

2023 was a fantastic year for FORMAT Festival. We are inspired by Bentonville, its community and its dedication to the arts. It has always been our intention to hold FORMAT annually, however, we have made the decision to take a pause in 2024.

More Info: Format Festival 2024 Guide

Okeechobee Music Festival 2024

Where: Okeechobee, FL

Festival Statement

‘As owners and safekeepers of our beautiful land, Sunshine Grove, Soundslinger cares deeply about the community that it witnessed come together in those first few years of OMF from 2016 onwards. We are working hard to keep OMF close to its original roots in a big way and reignite the sparks. Those formative years were special to all of us. Hang tight and remember to always Be, Here, Now.’

More Info: Okeechobee Music Festival 2024 Guide

Landlock Festival 2024

Where: Waco, TX

Festival Statement

We are saddened to announce today (4/8/24) that Landlock Festival 2024 is being canceled. This was a difficult decision to make, but due to unforeseen circumstances, and in an effort to do right by our fans, artists, surfers and staff, the decision to cancel the event has not been taken lightly.

More Info: Landlock Festival 2024 Guide

Sunset Music Festival 2024

Where: Tampa, FL

Festival Statement

As we reminisce about our time at Raymond James Stadium, we wanted to update you on a new era for the Sunset Music Festival. Our rebranding journey, which includes a move to a fresh venue in 2024, has been full of excitement. While we had hoped to unveil the new venue this year, it’s now clear it won’t be ready until 2025. Rather than compromise on Sunset’s quality, we’ve decided to take a year off to ensure our return exceeds expectations.

More Info: Sunset Music Festival 2024 Guide

White Pines Music Festival 2024

Where: Monterey, TN

Festival Statement

We regretfully announce that the White Pines Music Festival will no longer take place this year. Unforeseen circumstances have forced us to make the difficult decision to cancel the event. Refunds will be processed automatically to the original method of payment in as little as 30 days.

More Info: White Pines Music Festival 2024 Guide

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