MAHA Festival 2024


Omaha, NE

The Scene

'Showcasing emerging local artists and pulling in big national acts, Maha has grown steadily each year, reaching a sold out crowd in 2015. Basking in the late summer glow, the festival has drawn music fans from 46 states and counting.'

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2024 Artist Lineup

In a unanimous decision focused on sustainability and growth, the Maha Board of Directors is announcing that the festival will not be held this summer. Instead, organizers are taking 2024 to rework the festival’s operating model (taking into account industry-wide increases in festival costs) and making plans to return in 2025. This is a strategic step toward ensuring Maha’s vibrant future. We appreciate your continued support as we work toward an even brighter return.

A heartfelt thank you to every volunteer, sponsor, contributor and attendee who has been part of our journey, helping to create years of memories and unforgettable moments that defined summer in Omaha. Your support fuels our mission and makes every Maha Festival moment magical. Here’s to the memories and the ones yet to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of MAHA Festival 2024? This event has been cancelled.

What is the age minimum? This event is . Check the official website for additional restrictions.

Where is this festival held? MAHA Festival 2024 takes place at Various Venues in Omaha, NE. View on Google Maps here.

Does this festival offer camping? No. Scroll down to see hotels and additional lodging options.

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