UNUM Festival 2024

June 6-11, 2024

Shëngjin, Albania

The Scene

Unum Festival is an open-air electronic music festival at Rana e Hedhun beach in Shengjin, Albania.

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2024 Artist Lineup
  • Altin Boshnjaku
  • Anfisa Letyago
  • Arapu
  • Cabanne
  • Christian AB
  • DJ Reas
  • Varhat
  • John Dimas
  • Korolova
  • Maher Daniel
  • Manu Gonzalez
  • Praslea
  • Priku
  • Raresh
  • Rhadoo
  • Sonja Moonear
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of UNUM Festival 2024? This year, the event will be held from June 6-11, 2024.

What is the age minimum? This event is . Check the official website for additional restrictions.

Where is this festival held? UNUM Festival 2024 takes place at Rana e Hedhun Beach in Shëngjin, Albania. View on Google Maps here.

Does this festival offer camping? Yes! You can camp at UNUM Festival 2024. Make sure to check out our ultimate fest camping checklist for supplies.

Does this festival allow RV camping? As far as we know, this event is tent camping only.

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