Marvellous Island Festival 2018

May 19-20, 2018

Paris, France

Photo Credit: Marvellous Island
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The Scene
Head to the east side of Paris and spend a day (or two) at the beach listening to world-class electronic music, From the organic beats of the Beach Stage to the incredible production of the 360° Digital Stage to the hedonistic gurus at the Hippie State, Marvellous Island is the perfect way to welcome in the summer.
Festival Info
Venue: Vaires Torcy

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2018 Lineup
  • Luciano
  • Matador [live]
  • DJ Tennis
  • Guti [live]
  • Enzo Siragusa
  • Secret Cinema
  • Enrico Sangiuliano
  • Egbert [live]
  • Marco Faraone
  • Reinier Zonneveld [live]
  • Deniz Bul
  • Chaim
  • Timmo
  • NØLAH [live]
  • Thurman
  • Traffic Beats [live]
  • Jaffna [live]
  • Thoj [live]
  • Miroloja
  • Anton Dhouran
  • Juan
  • Jugurtha