Catskill Mountain Jubilee 2021

August 12-14, 2021

East Durham, NY

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The Scene
The Catskill Mountain Jubilee at Blackthorne Resort features a wide range of genres from Grateful Dead rock-n-roll and hip-hop to livetronica, reggae and house music. With plenty of campsites and fully functional RV spots, this is a camping weekend you won't want to miss.
Festival Info
Venue: Blackthorne Resort

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Dark Star Orchestra
the wizard
Festival Poster
2021 Lineup - 27 Artists
  • Dark Star Orchestra
  • Lotus
  • Melvin Seals & JGB
  • Digable Planets
  • Circles Around the Sun
  • Boombox
  • Karina Rykman
  • Holly Bowling
  • Orchard Loung
  • Talkpeck Soundsystem
  • Sophistafuk
  • Let’s Danza!
  • Lucid
  • Julia Govor
  • Beard O’ Bees
  • Tweed
  • Annie in the Water
  • Dogs in a Pile
  • The New Motif
  • Desolation Angels
  • Mike Greenfield
  • Mra
  • The Lousy Sloughters
  • Swimmer
  • Bad Leather
  • Doey Joey
  • Freegrass Union
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