The 30 Best Music Festivals in The Netherlands [2020]
By / February 3, 2020

Photo Credit: Intents Festival

The Dutch love music festivals, with one of the most packed seasons of the summer. We picked a few of our favorites below, but be warned, we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the sheer amount of fests in the Netherlands. See even more ideas in our Netherlands music festival calendar.

FortaRock 2020


Nijmegen, Netherlands

Taking 2017 off to retool the festival, the heaviest festival of the year has returned. It’s going to be a strong lineup of metal and rock for the 40,000 expected fans in Nijmegen.

Photo Credit: FortaRock Facebook

Dominator Festival 2020


Eersel, Netherlands

'A deafening sandstorm approaches with deadly speed. Seven extreme formations will compete for a tremendous trophy. Screaming engines, smoking exhausts and dreaded drivers will invade our savage sands. Hardcore will ignite its murdering machines in the desert of domination. Gasoline is gold when you enter…The Rally of Retribution.'

Photo Credit: Dominator Festival

North Sea Jazz Festival 2020


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Since 1976, the North Sea Jazz Festival has been entertaining The Netherlands with jazz legends and Dutch artists. 75,000 attendees gather in Rotterdam to more than 1,000 musicians and 150 performances over 15 states. The diverse amount of music means that there's something for everyone in this wildly diverse selection of artists.

Drumcode Festival 2022

September 15-19, 2020

Rabat, Malta

Acclaimed Swedish techno DJ Adam Beyer will team up once again for the Drumcode Festival.

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Photo Credit: Ollie Blayney

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