Mystic Garden Festival 2023

June 17, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo Credit: Mystic Garden
The Scene
Mystic Garden is a paradise where time has no meaning. It is a place where people can discover the Magic of an enchanted secret place where life and music and creativity come together for one glorious day to remind us of how life should be savoured and cherished at every moment! It begins as the sound of far-off music echoing throughout the woods, the drums lightly beating and the violin tune. The light at the heart of the forest calling you towards it.
2023 Artist Lineup
  • Bella
  • Beswerda
  • Chris Deluxe
  • Convolute
  • DJ BJ
  • Giorgia Angiuli
  • Hitmasjien
  • Hollt
  • Joran Van Pol
  • Keith Carnal
  • Kyra Khaldi
  • Layton Giordani
  • Luuk Van Dijk
  • Miss Melera
  • Mitch de Klein
  • Olympe
  • Prunk
  • Rob De Nijs
  • Rod
  • Sama
  • Seth Schwarz
  • Sophie Bruin
  • Teenage Mutants
  • Tom Push
  • Tom Zeta
  • Township Rebellion
  • Volar
  • VUUR