The 25 Best Festivals to See House Music This Summer [2023]
By / May 25, 2023

Defected Croatia: Vito Valentinetti

House music is seeing a bit of a resurgence over the last few years in the United States while over in Europe it has always been wildly popular. Whether it’s a dedicated stage or a full commitment to the genre, the following festivals will satisfy your need for house.

Movement Detroit 2023

When: May 27-29, 2023

Where: Detroit, MI

The Scene: Long before the onslaught of the modern day electronic festival scene, the Movement Festival has brought the vibe to downtown Detroit over Memorial Day weekend. Running under a few different names since 2000, this festival brings in top talent to Hart Plaza and delivers an EDM urban experience far different than any other you’ll find over the summer.

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7th Sunday Festival 2023

When: May 28, 2023

Where: Erp, Netherlands

The Scene: 7th Sunday is a multi-genre festival, held annually on the seventh Sunday after Easter in the south of the Netherlands.

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Day Trip Festival 2023

When: June 24-25, 2023

Where: San Bernardino, CA

The Scene: It's house music all day long at this weekend festival held in southern California. Hosted by Insomniac, this is a summertime banger you won't want to miss. <br />

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UNUM Festival 2023

When: June 1-6, 2023

Where: Shëngjin, Albania

The Scene: Unum Festival is an open-air electronic music festival at Rana e Hedhun beach in Shengjin, Albania.

The Lineup:

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Get Funky 2023

When: June 23-24, 2023

Where: Salt Lake City, UT

The Scene: One stage, two nights, one groove featuring only the sounds of house in this weekend festival located in Salt Lake City.

The Lineup:

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Sónar Barcelona 2023

When: June 15-17, 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain

The Scene: Since its founding in 1994, Sónar has held 25 editions of the festival in Barcelona and another 74 events in 33 cities around the world. The flagship event in Barcelona embodies the event at its core which is to be the “pulse of the current electronic landscape”. During Sónar by Day, the festival features a huge music program along with its own tech conference called Sónar+D. At night, the event moves to a massive venue that easily makes this Spain's largest electronic festival. With its unique format and ever-changing style, Sonar continues to redefine the festival landscape.

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Triip Festival 2023

When: June 2-4, 2023

Where: Bugibba, Malta

The Scene: House music fans - your Triip awaits. Spanning across three days and nights, get triipy at a unique castle, on the beach, in a pool, or on a boat.

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Kappa FuturFestival 2023

When: June 30-July 2, 2023

Where: Turin, Italy

The Scene: The Parco Dora, a former car factory, is the stage for Kappa FuturFestival, a massive techno festival that takes place every summer in Turin. 30,000 electronic loving festies convene to celebrate international DJs in this unique setting.

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Electric Forest 2023

When: June 22-25, 2023

Where: Rothbury, MI

The Scene: The legendary Sherwood Forest, beloved by music festival fans around the world, sets the backdrop to Electric Forest. Located on the Double JJ Ranch in Michigan, Electric Forest has grown into a full-on destination fest. At night, the Sherwood Forest becomes alive with lights, art, and the creativity of the fans.

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Electric Love 2023

When: July 6-8, 2023

Where: Salzburgring, Austria

The Scene: Electro, dubstub, EDM, and house are all on the agenda at the Austrian Electric Love Festival held outside of Salzburg. Nestled in the Salzkammergut Lake District and surrounded by the stunning nature of the area, festies will find themselves dancing away to some of the most outstanding stage production in Central Europe.

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Ultra Europe 2023

When: July 7-9, 2023

Where: Split, Croatia

The Scene: Hosted every year on the idyllic Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, the European edition of the massively popular Ultra Festival has become one of the largest electronic festivals on the continent. The multi-venue event is known for changing up venues around Split, so expect everything from a massive stadium to intimate beach parties.

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Airbeat One 2023

When: July 12-16, 2023

Where: Neustadt-Glewe, Germany

The Scene: It's all about the hardstyle at the Airbeat One Festival in Neustadt-Glewe, Germany. For over 15 years, Airbeat One has entertained fans with the harder side of electronic music, putting on an event that features forward thinking stage design, epic light shows, and top notch DJs from around the world.

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Day Trip Festival Seattle 2023

When: July 16, 2023

Where: Seattle, WA

The Scene: It's house music all day long at this weekend festival held in Seattle. Hosted by Insomniac, this is a summertime jam you won't want to miss. <br />

The Lineup: ,

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Tomorrowland 2023

When: July 21-30, 2023

Where: Boom, Belgium

The Scene: One of the top electronic music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland in Belgium should be on the bucket list of every festie. It's known for epic stage production along with its insane fireworks displays, and is one of the few festivals in Europe so popular that they hold two editions over two consecutive weekends.

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MADE Festival 2023

When: July 29, 2023

Where: Birmingham, UK

The Scene: MADE Festival is held in the UK and features D&B, house, grime and garage. The urban dance and music festival is held at Perry Park in Birmingham.

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Defected Croatia 2023

When: August 3-8, 2023

Where: Tisno, Croatia

The Scene: It's house music heaven when the UK Defected label takes over The Garden at Tisno. Beachside camping, boat parties, special shows, and lots of surprises makes this an ideal island getaway. Need a break from the bumping beats? Explore the lovely Croatian seaside city of Tisno in between sets.

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Hard Summer 2023

When: August 5-6, 2023

Where: Los Angeles, CA

The Scene: Hard Summer takes place in downtown Los Angeles at a combination of venues with various stages spread throughout the campuses of the historic LA Memorial Coliseum, Exposition Park, and BMO Stadium. This 2-day festival has been exploding with electronic music since its debut in 2008 and has become a staple of the Southern California electronic festival scene.

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Elements Music Festival 2023

When: August 11-14, 2023

Where: Long Pond, PA

The Scene: After 10 years of throwing wildly successful ragers in the big city, BangOn!NYC brings their style to the woods for a three day summer camp style party. This festival features seven stages, massive art installations, and plenty of fun camp games. Grab a cabin or bring a tent to the bucolic hills of northeastern Pennsylvania and be ready to dance.

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Deep Tropics 2023

When: August 18-19, 2023

Where: Nashville, TN

The Scene: Deep Tropics is a music, art, and style festival that takes in downtown Nashville.

The Lineup: ,

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Delta Festival 2023

When: August 23-27, 2023

Where: Marseille, France

The Scene: The beach meets dance music at this three-day festival in sunny Marseille, France. The Delta Festival promises to be an epic bash of music, sports, and arts in the sand.

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Mysteryland 2023

When: August 25-27, 2023

Where: Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

The Scene: The longest running dance festival in the world takes place in the Netherlands for two days every August and even spawned a spin-off in the United States. After a day of hedonistic dancing, Mysteryland fans find solace at Holy Ground Camping. Mysteryland strongly believes in festival soul, focusing on sustainability, and local participation.

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ARC Music Festival 2023

When: September 1-3, 2023

Where: Chicago, IL

The Scene: This second-year fest promises to bring the global scene to the birthplace of house music.

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ION Festival 2023

When: September 6-13, 2023

Where: Dhërmi, Albania

The Scene: ION is a different kind of music event, one where you’re invited to get outside the usual festival fences and have a real holiday experience. For everyone who chooses to come with us on this extended summer party, ION will be a week filled with new encounters and 3,000 like-minded friends, all soundtracked by electronic music’s best artists.

The Lineup: ,

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Portola Festival 2023

When: September 30-October 1, 2023

Where: San Francisco, CA

The Scene: Portola is an 2-day electronic and pop music festival taking place on at Pier 80 in San Francisco, CA.

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Boomtown 2023

When: August 9-13, 2023

Where: Hampshire, UK

The Scene: 'Boomtown rose up from the underground to become one of the UK’s wildest and most inspiring independent festivals. A sprawling metropolis and home to every species of creative miscreant, its thousands of citizens embark a journey of discovery, dancing through its labyrinthine streets and plazas on a non stop weekend joyride to a soundtrack of ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate, disco, electro-swing, jazz, blue-grass, breaks, bass, jungle, techno and all in a spirit of unity and freedom!'

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