What’s The Apps: Coachella Apps 2012

It’s time to get ready for Coachella 2012. To be honest, I thought at the thirty day mark, there would be a grip of apps to choose from for the dual weekend Coachella. Turns out I could only uncover one — although the link to the “official” app is still included because I’m hoping Coachella will get it together before the show starts.

Official Coachella App 
Platform: iPhone/Android

It appears that the “official” app is outdated with nothing but a poster added of the 2012 show. Maybe this will be fixed in time, but we’re guessing with just under a month that this app is dead in the water. A search on the Coachella site also seems to confirm that there’s little to no support for an official app.

Unofficial Coachella 2012
Platform: Android

This handy app looks to be the way to go — at least for Android fans. There’s a festival map, news section, and lineups are broken up into the two weekends. Artists are listed alphabetically by day with links to social media hookups (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube). There’s obviously limited functionality right now as the schedule has yet to be released, but the developer promises to be on top of it.

So which apps are we missing? We’ll keep updating this page as it gets closer to Coachella so let us know below what you’ll be rocking at the show.

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