What’s Happening With the Landmark Music Festival?


It sounded like a good idea. The National Mall in Washington D.C. needs $750 million in upgrades and repairs so why not throw a massive mega-festival to raise the money? The Landmark Music Festival debuted in September of last year with headliners like Drake and The Strokes.

What could go wrong?

Turns out quite a bit. From Drake nearly canceling his appearance over the stage size to controversy that a free national public park would be made inaccessible to the public, Landmark stumbled out of the gate. Then they only raised $570,000, much of went back to recoup the costs of the festival.

Washington City Paper noted that the Landmark Festival official website has changed from “Thanks DC, See You Next Year!” to “Thanks DC, See You in 2017!” When reaching out to the organizers, a spokesperson said that the dates of the 2016 fest would conflict with the opening of the Smithsonian Museum of African American History.

According to the Washington Post, the dates couldn’t be changed because:

“…with 3,000 permitted events on the Mall in a year, pinpointing a date isn’t easy. She [MacKenzie Babb] added that ‘there’s a whole science to scheduling a festival,’ and this one is planned to fall at a time when it appeals most to millennials.” 

Thanks a lot millennials.

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