What’s Happening This Weekend: Neon Lights, Creamfields Chile, Dreamstate, Wonderfront, and More!
By / November 20, 2019

Photo Credit: Jake West for Insomniac

Dreamstate SoCal 2019

When: November 22-23, 2019

Where: San Bernadino, CA

The Scene: 'Dreamstate has successfully transformed into a worldwide trance phenomenon bringing sold-out performances and new audiences to San Francisco, Mexico City, London, Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York.' - Insomniac

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More Info: Dreamstate SoCal 2019 Website

Wonderfront Festival 2019

When: November 22-24, 2019

Where: San Diego, CA

The Scene: San Diego picks up a major new festival this year with the debut of Wonderfront Festival. Taking place right in the city's downtown, Wonderfront is promising three days of electronic, hip-hop, reggae, and rock.

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More Info: Wonderfront Festival 2019 Website

Neon Lights 2019

When: November 23-24, 2019

Where: Singapore, Malaysia

The Scene: One of the major music events of the year in Singapore, Neon Lights is a two-day festival that brings in talent from around the world. The festival brings together more than 150 music and art performances along with a silent disco, gourmet food, and family-friendly activities.

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More Info: Neon Lights 2019 Website

Time Warp USA 2019

When: November 22-23, 2019

Where: New York City, NY

The Scene: This two-day electronic show out of Germany showcases international heavyweights which perfectly capture the underground spirit of the event. With mesmerizing lighting design, jaw-dropping production of the highest spec and crystal clear sound systems, Time Warp is the ultimate festival experience for techno aficionados and needs to be seen at this new US location.

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More Info: Time Warp USA 2019 Website

Eaux Claires Hiver 2019

When: November 21-24, 2019

Where: Eau Claire, WI

The Scene: After taking a hiatus over the summer, Eaux Claires returns with an all new winter edition. According to the organizers, expect an 'immersive weekend of performance and improvisation featuring an eclectic blend of artists...presented via three distinct events'.

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More Info: Eaux Claires Hiver 2019 Website

M For Montreal 2019

When: November 20-23, 2019

Where: Montreal, QB

The Scene: 'Rumour has it that Montreal is one of the sexiest cities on the planet with a music scene that’s truly world-class. Experience the best new music from Canadian and international acts that will surely rule your playlists for years to come.' - M For Montreal

More Info: M For Montreal 2019 Website

Imagination Festival 2019

When: November 22, 2019

Where: Prague, Czech

The Scene: This single day event in Prague bills itself as the loudest bass & hard music festival so get ready to rage all day and into the next.

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More Info: Imagination Festival 2019 Website

Super Bock Em Stock 2019

When: November 22-23, 2019

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

The Scene: If it's rock and it's Portugal, then it must be Super Bock Super Rock. Entertaining fans since 1994, one of the main music events of the summer comes to the heart of Lisbon with this two-day winter mini-edition of the popular festival.

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More Info: Super Bock Em Stock 2019 Website

Creamfields Chile 2019

When: November 23, 2019

Where: Santiago, Chile

The Scene: Creamfields is the world's leading dance music festival. Born in 1998, the original dance festival set out to provide the clubbing world with a bespoke large scale outdoor event and has gone on to become the most popular and renowned open air electronic music festival in the world.

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More Info: Creamfields Chile 2019 Website

Riptide 2019

When: November 23-24, 2019

Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Scene: Riptide is the latest fest to come ashore at Fort Lauderdale Beach with two-days of sunshine and major artists. 30,000 fans gather on the sand to see more than 20 national acts.

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More Info: Riptide 2019 Website

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