What’s Happening This Weekend? Music Festivals for December 7-9, 2012

An aeriel view of the Subsonic Music Festival. Photo Credit: Alan Wigg Photography

Winter blues got you down? It’s time to perk up with a festival. This weekend is a seriously eclectic batch of bacchanalia.  There’s a dual Spanish city indie rocker deal (Primavera Club), a UK indie rocker deal (ATP), a European rave (Time Warp), and Australia’s packed music festival season (Meredith, Subsonic, and Homebake).

Yikes. The US dropped the ball with not one, but two cancelled festivals. Oh well, there’s always next week. See you on the flipside Music Festival Wizard!

Music Festivals for December 7-9, 2012

ATP Curated by The National 2012 - Somerset, UK
Mayhem Festival Cruise 2012 - Miami/Bahamas(cancelled)
Meredith Music Festival 2012 - Victoria, Australia
Subsonic Music Festival 2012 - Australia
Primavera Club Barcelona 2012 - Barcelona, Spain
Primavera Club Madrid 2012 - Madrid, Spain
Time Warp Holland 2012 - The Netherlands
Homebake 2012 - Sydney City, Australia
UR1 Music Festival 2012 - Miami, FL (cancelled)

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