Weekly Recap: Mars Volta, The Pixies, Free Crap, Inflatable Dolls


Forest spirits abduct our reporter at Rothbury

Buckle up for excitement. Here’s what you missed for the week of June 10th, 2009.

The Monolith Festival adds a second headliner to the bill.

Atmosphere leaks their own 7 song album.

Our MFW photographer climbs into the rafters at Rothbury and manages some sweet snaps of Chromeo.

Treasure Island Music Festival is on like Donkey Kong. If Donkey Kong was The Flaming Lips.

All Points West wants to bury you in schwag.

The Pixies and Nine Inch Nails get together for the best Virgin lineup yet.

Coco gets lost in the infamous Sherwood Forest and waxes on about who to see at Mile High.

And of course, our photo of the week:


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