We Get Mail: Where Are Your Favorite Artists Playing This Summer?

Mathilda Asks (from our Facebook page):

What is up with the flaming lips? I’m trying to base my summer around them and they’ve barely announced any dates.

As The Flaming Lips is one of my all time favorite bands, this question was a joy to research. First, I started to search down all the festivals, then I got bored, then I had a few drinks, and then decided how great would it be if we had all the upcoming festival dates for an artist in one spot along with any news and videos from said artist.

Then I went snowboarding because that was just way too much thinking.

The point of this ramble is that we are now creating a bunch of artist-centric pages for Music Festival Wizard. Mathilda, I dedicate this first one to you — although it may be a bittersweet treat unless you live in Europe. The Flaming Lips visit San Francisco later this month, but are then bound on a European festival tour through the middle of July.

The Flaming Lips Artist Hub

Now, our question to you:

What artists are you hoping to see this summer? Which ones should we work on next?


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  • February 14, 2012

    Alyssa Dixon

    Yelawolf and skirllex! But of course, my graduation is right in the middle of Bonnaroo and my prom is in the middle of the Hangout Fest

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