We Get Mail: VW Tents, Scared White People, Boyfriends Are Always Wrong


You got questions. We have half-baked answers. Welcome to “We Got Mail” where the MFW staff attempts to answer your music festival questions based on our vast knowledge of the industry, and by vast knowledge, we mean Google.

Tony Asks:
Do you know who makes these tents?

Tony is referring to the above bitching VW Camper Van tent which lets you pretend like you own the classic camper for a fraction of the price. While we couldn’t find a manufacturer we did find the UK website Firebox has a variety of the officially licensed tents for sale. It’s going to be a tough choice for Tony. There’s also a 16 person replication London Tube Tent as well.

KRW Asks:
Is it [Electric Daisy Carnival Puerto Rico] pretty safe? My husband is afraid it won’t be safe since he’s white and we have never been to PR.

Your husband will be fine, KRW. In fact, it sounds like he need to get out of his comfort zone and travel the world. EDC Puerto Rico isn’t some illegal rave held on a beach. It’s organized by Insomniac, one of the largest EDM producers in the world. However, I would advise him not to don his¬†Sprithood until after you enter the show.

Khatrina Asks:
No Portugal. The Man? :( my boyfriend told me they were coming [to Musikfest]. 

Your boyfriend is a liar which makes all his statements suspect, although to be fair to your special gentleman friend, Portugal The Man are festival sluts so it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that they considered Musikfest. To see your fav band in a festival setting, you’ll have to go to Outside Lands in San Francisco, Starry Nights in Bowling Green, or INDEX Music Festival in Texas.

Amber Asks:
I just found out about this festival [iHeartRadio]- Is it really all sold out? When did they start selling tickets??

Produced by Clear Channel (yeah, the guys that own every radio station in America), the first iHeartRadio Music Festival debuted in 2011 in Las Vegas. I’m not surprised you can’t find tickets for this year’s show. The “festival” tag can be misleading as it’s held in a small venue compared to the caliber of stars in the lineup. Think of the iHeartRadio Festival more as a massive promotion for Clear Channel Radio. Their various outlets will be having ticket giveaways leading up to event. Hopefully you can get hooked up there — for free!

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