We Get Mail: Q&A With The MFW Staff


Much like a prison inmate, we love getting mail. Head over here to send us your music festival questions and we’ll do our best to dig up an answer (I should note that “our best” is about 50%).

Hal asks:
What happened to Rapids Jam in NC? Is it happening in 2012? I thought it was to be an annual event?

It’s not looking good for the Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina country music festival which debuted last year. The official site and Twitter account have disappeared, which is usually a sign that you should be looking for other entertainment this June. Further adding to the confusion, other music festival sites have erroneously posted dates for Rapids Jam — you’ll note that all the dates on our festival list have confirmation, although if you do find a error, please contact us.

Chip Asks:
Looking to start our year with an awesome festival. We are gathering a mob of fans and will have the SSrockboat.com. Attack Cruiser loaded with gear and Crew ready to archive some great memories and action. Its great to know we can count on you folks to get us right where the action is. Our maiden seasonal voyage will be somewhere around a 200 mile trek from Richmond Va. What can we look for April -May? Rock On!

We love this question as it lets the hard working MFW staff show off some of the new 2012 features of the festival guide like searching by month or state (see links below). The GrassRoots Festival in Pittsboro, NC seems to be right up your alley as well as DelFest in Cumberland, Maryland.

[Name of Unknown Band] asks
Hi! I’m an [Name of Unknown Band] looking to get submitted to your festival…blah, blah [insert form letter].

I know this is mostly spam as we receive dozens of these a days, but just to be clear, we don’t have anything to do with festival lineups.

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