Address: 1, Ferropolisstraße, Gräfenhainichen, Sachsen-Anhalt, 06773, Germany

Ferropolis, "the city of iron", is an open-air museum of huge mid-20th century industrial machines in Gräfenhainichen, a city between Wittenberg and Dessau, Germany. These can measure up to 30 meters high and 120 meters long, and weigh up to 1,980 tons. The area is also used for several events such as opera performances or music festivals, including the Splash! Festival, Melt! Festival, and the "Ferropolis in Flammen" ("Ferropolis in flames") festival. -Wikipedia
Upcoming Fests at Ferropolis

Full Force Festival 2024

Ferropolis, Germany
June 21-23, 2024

Splash! 2024

Gräfenhainichen, Germany
July 4-6, 2024

Melt! Festival 2024

Ferropolis, Germany
July 11-13, 2024