Shady Excuses, Fan Reactions, UR1 Music Festival Postponed

What could have happened if UR1 didn't cancel...

The UR1 Festival, which was set to debut in early December, postponed the festival last week. They blamed…the weather?

It is with deep regret that we announce the postponement of the first annual UR1 Music & Arts Festival due to circumstances beyond our control, including:
-Foreseeable inclement weather conditions in the Miami-Dade and South Florida region;
-Continued effects of the recent Hurricane Sandy.

Cancelling a music festival two weeks before it starts is just a giant middle finger to the fans, especially for out of towners who have booked hotel rooms and airfare. Even if the promoter can pull off the show at a later date, it won’t be the promised lineup of Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Lou Reed, Jane’s Addiction, The Offspring, Slash, Fun, and Keane. The announcement on the website states that ticket holders can seek a refund, but there’s no information on the website.

Naturally, folks who bought tickets are pissed. Here’s some sample comments from the UR1 Facebook page:

Mark Anthony DiSessa after effects of Sandy?!?!?! you mean, not enough ticket sales ie. Langerado.

Daniel McDermott Describe for me these “inclement weather conditions in the Miami-Dade and South Florida region.” It is interesting that your staff meteorologist was able to forecast further out than the Weather Channel.

Santiago Giraldo What the hell? I had just got my ticket and everything. Why would they keep hyping things up with countdowns and shit. This is completely ridiculous.

Diego Camargo Cut the bullshit, and realize that 
1. You couldn’t sell enough tickets
2. You lied to your fans
3. You obviously will lose $ on the first year.

Kayla Silas You know it’s a bad sign when tickets were being sold on Groupon.

Henry Rodriguez-Martin If they cancelled Lollapalooza 2 weeks before the event, you would have a 3 day Chicago riot !!!

Tom Lenz This is a pretty ridiculous thing to do and the inclement weather excuse is shady, to say the least. A lot of people got royally screwed with this eleventh hour cancellation with airfare and hotel.

Brendan Murphy Using Hurricane Sandy as an excuse is being so disrespectful to the people who lost loved ones and their homes during the storm.

Electronic Fans Against Political Oppression Whomever came up with the idea to use winds as an excuse two weeks out must think the fans are THAT dumb. Whomever didn’t think far enough in advance to start this thing small with one or two stages then grow it over time is also short sighted. For the fans who bought tix, call your credit card company and dispute the charges. Only way you are getting UR money back.

Britt Giannuzzi I hate to say it but I called this on Saturday. Told my friend that it would be cancelled due to low ticket sales. I would actually be OK w/ that since they have no idea how to market but to insult the fans w/ two lame excuses is just wrong.

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