Underground Music Showcase: Five Bands to Keep Your Eye On



Underground Music Showcase is all about shedding light on new and upcoming bands. We did our research and found five unique bands that we are especially excited to see representing all different genres, but undoubtedly destined to put on an amazing performance.

AMZY-  With beginning collaborations dating back to 2005, AMZY became a completed band in 2014 and has been killing the underground scene ever since. With catchy beats and dashingly handsome members, this group really is the full package.  We are very excited to see what new and creative music the group brings to their show this year (keeping our fingers crossed they kick it with the classics).

BRANDED BANDITS-  Combining classic and contemporary hard rock, Branded Bandits music video to Hang Me High is getting us pumped to see what kind of show they put on. Let’s just say, this is a performance you’ll want to make your way to the front of the stage for.

COASTAL WIVES- With a wide array of talent, this group has created a genre all their own. Each of the group’s songs take on an entirely different, yet innovative and exciting sound.  We can’t wait to see what songs they perform at UMS, but hopefully they throw Baltimore into the mix (hint hint)!

MAC MCCAUGHAN- Originally making soundtracks for movies, Mac McCaughan brings to light a precious moment in ‘80s music when the tides changed and music was in a post-punk funk.  Even if you weren’t quite born in the ‘80s, his music makes you feel like a production of the time, and brings you back to the best memories you never had. With his performance, there’s a good chance that memories you weren’t there to make are to be made, and good times are to be had.

POET’S ROW- This duet brings beautifully organic to a new meaning. Their sound is very untouched and gentle, and together they are a wonderful pair to keep your eye on.  Their song The Sweet One will have your heart melting, and the video proves their talents live, giving us all the more reason to get excited about their performance.

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