Twitter Reacts to the Coachella Festival Cruises


Hipster Boat Dog has been tapped as the captain of the S.S. Coachella.

When Coachella announced earlier this week that the festival would be sailing on the high seas, naturally the social universe went into conniptions. Festie fans went ecstatic. Haters hated. And more than a few thought the whole cruise was a hoax. Here’s a sampling of some Twitter reactions.

Oh my, #Coachella is being held at sea?! What if the boat sinks? It will be like the hipster Titanic! #SSCoachella
Zach Alvarez (@ZachLAlvarez) July 19, 2012

The problem with being surrounded by 100,000 hipsters on ecstasy is you can always just leave. The Coachella Cruise finally solved that.
Alex Blagg (@alexblagg) July 18, 2012

We’re confused, if Coachella is on a cruise ship, how are you supposed to get your drugs inside??
guestofaguest LA (@gofgLA) July 18, 2012

AND it coincides with the Mayan-foretold end of the world. Let’s DO THIS. #SSCoachella
danielle (@daniellegee) July 19, 2012

RT @HipsterProblems: There’s going to be a Coachella cruise? @Coachella is trolling us, right? #hipsterproblems #SSCoachella
Princess Peach (@templeshields) July 19, 2012 

Considered spending Christmas aboardSS. Coachella – very first Coachella music fest CRUISE – then realized I knew none of the bands. #old
Aly Walansky (@alywalansky) July 19, 2012

on the coachella cruise: is the brand literally jumping the shark?
Josh Boss (@thisisjoshboss) July 19, 2012 

The good news for those going on the Coachella cruise is that travelling two days before Christmas is always hassle-free.
Todd Martens (@Toddmartens) July 19, 2012 

Wait Coachella is really going to be on a cruise ship? I thought that was a joke. Where are they going to put the filth and port-o-potties?
stella (@lobeline) July 19, 2012

I really want to go on the SS Coachella. Do you think they’d just let me sleep in James Murphy’s cabin? I think we should be best friends.
Matt (@gamoid) July 18, 2012

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