Top 5 Quirky UK Music Festivals

The Eighties never die at Rewind Festival. Photo Credit: Rewind Festival Facebook

No other part of the world can compare to the sheer number and diversity of music festivals that take place in the UK each summer. If you have become bored with the standard festival, here are some that mix up the normal.

Bearded Theory
Every summer hairy fans try to break the world record for most amount of people wearing fancy dress beards in one place and at one time. Bizzare? Yes. Awesome? Definitely.

Heritage trains and indie pop music go together like…well, they don’t go together at all except at the annual Indietracks Festival which celebrates oldie time locomotives and brand new artists.

Rewind Festival
It’s like going the best eighties party in the world. A stunning number of artists that you thought died are dusted off to replay their greatest hits to crowds in both England and Scotland.

Camp Zombie
This was postponed last year, but plans on returning in with even more zombie themed mayhem. One of the highlights at this horror themed festival: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

The biggest lineup in the world. Of tribute bands. It doesn’t get any more thrilling than this.

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