Top 20 Music Festivals to Experience in Belgium [2020]
By / January 7, 2020

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For such a small country, Belgium is absolutely stacked with a summer full of festivals. There are absolute legends like Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop, which anchor the festival season, along with a jam packed roster of dance festivals. Camping is part of the Belgian festival soul, with most of the fests offering sleeping options under the stars. And of course, the beer is amazing.

Groezrock 2020


Meerhout, Belgium

Like a rampaging metal monster, Groezrock welcomes the spring with one of the region's best festivals of punk rock, hardcore, and metalcore. And unlike the corporate behemoths of the summer, Groezrock keeps it simple, capping the crowd at just 10,000 fans. Fun fact: groez means grass in the region's dialect, hence the name Groezrock.


Brussels Summer Festival 2020


Brussels, Belgium

The downtown city center of Brussels comes alive every August with 10 full days of concerts and cultural activities. While BSF is focused on Belgian bands, there's more than enough international talent sprinkled through the lineup to make this a hugely entertaining event. It's estimated that more than 100,000 festies attend BSF.

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Cactus Festival 2020


Brugge, Belgium

Cactusfestival in Bruges keeps it simple with only a single stage to help fans avoid dreaded schedule conflicts and an intimate experience, only allowing an attendance of 25,000. Focused on rock and alternative music, Cactusfestival has been delivering this intimate vibe since 1982.

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