Tomorrowland Gets A Dreamy New Website

Photo Credit: Tomorrowland

With just about six months until the festival, Tomorrowland has finally put up a website. Up to this point, they were using Facebook as their main point of information, and while it’s completely astounding how many likes they have (800,000+), fan pages are still a poor substitute for an old fashioned website. Normally, it’s not a big deal to wait this long for a site, but interest for this fest has already reached a fever pitch — Tomorrowland was the #1 most popular festival last month for searches on MFW beating out stalwarts like Coachella, Sasquatch, and Bonnaroo. It also marked the first time that a European fest topped the MFW 50.

The Belgium electronic dance festival takes place July 26-30th, 2012 in Boom, Belgium. Tickets will go on sale April 7th for around 172
â‚ for a three-day pass . For all of you that had questions about the camping, the new website has a dedicated area just for this called Dreamville. And for those curious about packages, scroll down to the bottom of the ticket page to find some some all inclusive deals that include flights, transfers, camping, and tickets.

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