The Sun Sets on Thirty Year L.A. Street Festival


Hanson and the Butthole Surfers are going to be free this weekend.

Just three days before the kickoff of the 31st annual Sunset Junction Street Fair, city officials closed the gates, citing that the organizers owed a whopping $260,000 bill to the city. A scramble by supporters and Live Nation dug up an 11th hour $100,000 loan, but it wasn’t enough to save the festival.

“Fail me once, shame on you. Fail me twice, shame on me,” Board president Andrea Alarcon said at the hearing according to this story in the LA Times.

A statement from Sunset Junction claims the city tried to rip them off. “Sunset Junction repeatedly asked for an itemization of city fees and once they were received, found that the fees were inflated more than 10 times that of comparable LA festivals. They also found that the fees for the police seemed to be questionably inflated.”

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