The MFW Interview: The Soft White Sixties

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The Soft White Sixties are bringing back straight up rock ‘n roll with a little bit of soul. The San Francisco based band is coming up fast and gaining recognition for their love of making sweet, sweet music. TSWS have been selling out the Bay’s most popular venues like Cafe du Nord, The Independent, and the Great American Music Hall and have begun to dabble in the music festival scene performing at a handful of popular fests.

I was able to catch up with the boys at the end of their tour traveling from SXSW to Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho, for a very chill conversation before their set. After discovering how random parties, previous bands, and mutual friends brought these 5 rockers together we got down to the good stuff. The Soft White Sixties were more than happy to share their love for making music with us.

The Soft White Sixties are made up of:

Octavio Genera (Lead Vocals)
Joey Bustos (Drums)
Ryan Noble (bass/vocals)
Aaron Eisenberg (guitar/keys)
Joshua Cook (guitar/vocals)

Sampler: Soft White Sixties

MFW: Describe your band in one sentence.

Octavio Genera: It’s rock and roll with R&B and soul.

MFW: How did TSWS come together?

Ryan Noble: We all have eclectic tastes when it comes to music but we do all have a focus for this band and the music we make. We’re able to isolate this one movement regardless of where it fits in with the other stuff we like.

The Soft White Sixties rocking the hell out of Boise

MFW: What type of venue do you prefer?

Octavio Genera: A big indoor theatre, like the Great American Music Hall in San Fran. It’s big but it’s intimate at the same time…it’s dark, usually at night, there’s lights, and more of an atmosphere. If someone said you could do 11pm in this theatre or 1pm on this stage I would pick the theater every time.

Joshua Cook: Playing at big outdoor venues really pack the most potential for that explosive energy that comes with the number of people at outdoor music fests and that rush is a great feeling.

MFW: Why the name The Soft White Sixties?

Aaron Eisenberg: Someone had a bright idea.

Look for TSWS this summer as they will be touring nationwide hitting up festivals, small venues, and everything in between.

Official Website: The Soft White Sixties

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