The Scene: The Festival Guy Reviews Sasquatch 2013!


Does anyone have more fun than The Festival Guy? He’s kicking off the summer in style with a epic trip to Sasquatch. Check out his review below and make sure to follow all his adventures at The Festival Guy’s website. 

After four days of incredible music, breathtaking scenery, and unparalleled vibes, the 25,000 festivalgoers that were lucky enough to attend Sasquatch! Music Festival returned to whatever it is they call the real world. While the festival was not perfect by any means, it was a weekend that its attendees will never forget.

The biggest reason Sasquatch! is such an incredible festival is the location. Sasquatch! is held at the iconic Gorge in Washington. The main stage is placed in front of a rolling grassy hill, which turns it into a natural amphitheater. As pretty as all of the pictures that might have been flooding your Facebook and Instagram may be, those pictures do not compare to seeing it in person.

The crowd at Sasquatch! is as good as you will find at any festival in the US. The crowd is mainly people from the Pacific Northwest and a large percent (approximately 35%) come down from Canada. This combination creates a very friendly crowd who also knows how to get down. It was not uncommon for the entire dance tent to be dancing their asses off at every moment.

The biggest dance parties of the weekend were at Holy Ghost, Empire of the Sun, TEED, and the Presets. The best performances of the weekend came from the XX, Mumford and Sons, Father John Misty, Alt J, and the Postal Service. All the artists made sure to mention how lucky they were to be playing at such a beautiful location.

Overall it was a great festival, but no review of this year’s Sasquatch! would be complete without mentioning its shortcomings. First, the trash was completely out of control. For some reason, production decided that it was okay for their cleaning crew to pick up trash only at the end of the night. There were also not enough trashcans inside the fairgrounds, so festivalgoers didn’t feel compelled to pick up after themselves. This combination led to trash piling up so much during the day that it covered the entire hillside by the time the night ended.

The food was another issue. Instead of bringing in local vendors to provide the attendees with quality food options for the weekend, Sasquatch! had the equivalent of cafeteria food for people to choose from. If you are planning on coming next year, which I would recommend you do, make sure to bring food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you don’t have to deal with disgusting food choices.

The good definitely outweighed the bad and Sasquatch! is sure to sell out instantly next year. Set aside money for a ticket, mark your calendar, and be ready to get your ticket the instant they go on sale. With a couple easy philosophy changes, Sasquatch! will be one of the best festivals you ever go to!

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