The Scene: Summer Ends (But It Never Should)

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The Scene:
Standing directly on top of the Arizona State University campus, the combination of university life and music lovers from all over the map creates an atmosphere unlike any other. Two stages towered over thousands of festival junkies, the main stage featuring headliners, and the second stage showcasing the talents of many others. A plethora of food vendors were located towards the back of the production serving everything from beer to homemade potato chips.


Who Dominated the Show:
Although big performances such as Kayne West, G Eazy and and J. Cole were destined to kill it, a performer who really brought it all to the table this year was Jez Dior.  As soon as the bass started bumping, he was off the stage and climbing onto the barricades.  Everyone went wild and responded to his energy with theirs — the grounds shook with pure elation.


The Show Stopper:
It was all fun and games until G Eazy finished his set, and Pepper was in the middle of theirs.  The hype turned play into panic, and fans were being crushed between others and the barricades.  From the picture pit, nothing on the secondary stage seemed to be too uncomfortable, but off of the main stage fans jumped the barriers to catch some air.  First responders were prepared to aid to the massive numbers of those whom experienced dehydration and after a lengthy wait for fans to move backward, Pepper continued their set.

Amazing Crowds:
Scares from the night before didn’t stop fans from going back for more.  Although less in numbers, the energy for Kanye West, Travis Scott and Chance the Rapper was still unsurprisingly huge.  Most of the fans were from Arizona State University and there for a good weekend.  Even performer Kari Faux took place in the action and repped a Sundevil shirt.


Looking Forward to Next Summer:
The future for Summer Ends is almost as bright as the sun was that weekend.  Although the festival had a big scare, next year should everyone should be more prepared, and it should be bigger and badder than 2015.

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