The Scene @ Rothbury Music & Arts Festival 2009

When: July 2nd– 5th

Where: Rothbury, MI at the Double JJ Ranch

Who: The Dead, Bob Dylan, The String Cheese Incident, Willie Nelson, The Black Crows, Damian ‘Jr. Gong Marley and Nas, STS9, Broken Social Scene, Keller Williams, Lotus, The Hold Steady, and many more!

The Scene: I still can’t get over that Rothbury just finished its second year. This fest is so well done it feels like it’s been going on for much longer. Rothbury the Second had great weather, clean porta potties (compared to other fests), stellar vibes, monumental artists, and decor that was out of this world. I feel the need to warn Bonnaroo,  “Be afraid…be very afraid”.

Check out this photo gallery of my favorite pics and scroll down for some of my favorite moments of Rothbury 2009:

1.You can get whatever you want if you just hop on down to “Shake Street” baby.

Every festival has its own Shakedown Street, a weekend long community that will sell or barter anything a happy camper would need. When not catching a jam session, the campground outside the gates was the place to be at Rothbury. Shakedown Street was hopping with activity. Amazing artists roamed the streets selling artwork while glass blowers displayed their sculptures. And then there’s that campsite that sold yummy grilled cheese sandwiches — with a brownie for desert. If you’re looking for a good time or a gift for a friend, head on down to Shakedown Street next year at Rothbury. It’s one of the best I’ve ever come across.

2.The whole fireworks show was a grand finale, I tell ya, the whole show.

A friend and I were reminiscing how much fireworks amused us when we were young and how they’re just not that exciting anymore. Wow. Was I wrong. Watching the Dead finish up their set during a 20 minute plus firework grand finale gave me the chills. It’s good to know I can still find great joy from explosions in the sky. Happy 4th of July Rothbury!

3. I met a dragon in Sherwood Forest along with…

Take an ordinary forest and fill it with bars, hussies, aluminum gold houses, vintage bath tubs, hearts, hammocks, aliens, and yes, even a dragon. I saw so many amazing things in the Sherwood Forrest that my eyeballs almost fell out. This stretch of trees along with my friends on the 4th of July was worth the price of the ticket alone.

To those of you who attended last year — good news. They found Carl! He was selling butt-scratchers out of a tree. See you at Mile High.

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