The Scene: Coco Finds Treasure @ Pot Of Gold Festival 2015



Springtime in Arizona means that it is officially festival season. Senior Festival Editor, Katie Mendez, heads up to Phoenix to check out the brand new Pot Of Gold Music Festival. 

On Sunday afternoon, the crew swung into the The Pot of Gold Music Festival — a new four day fest that stretched from Friday evening all the way through St. Patrick’s Day. Phoenix turns into a blazing oven during the summer, but in March the city boasts nothing but sunshine and comfortable temps.

Two side by side stages with alternating acts gave this fest an intimate and cozy feel. When one band finished their set the other stage would come alive within minutes. Each of the four days tended towards a single genre theme. Don’t want to hop up and down to fun and funky dance beats on Friday? Then start a mosh pit to one of the many rock bands that raged the stage on Tuesday or bob your head up and down like we did on Sunday to Rebulution and Milky Chance.

If you drank enough of the beer you may have seen leprechauns and rainbows, but that would be it for art installations which always provide a welcome break from crowd-surfing as well as leading to some interesting conversations. Other than a few merch tents, pop-up head shops, food trucks (of course) and medicinal marijuana informational booths the focus at this fest was almost solely on the music.

Hot on the heels of Pot of Gold, organizers have already the dates and an initial lineup for Summer Ends which takes place September 24-27, 2015 (hey – that really is the end of summer in Phoenix).

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