The Scene: Coachella 2013 Review From The Festival Guy

Photo Credit: Mike Ivankay

Photo Credit: Mike Ivankay for Coachella

After waiting for what seemed liked years, the countdown to Coachella finally ended and the gates opened up. As festival-goers entered the fair grounds they were greeted with the Coachella they know and loved but there was an even greater sense of art than years before. The first addition that greeted the attendees was a full-sized modern house located at the very back of the main stage. The next new piece was a two story tall giant snail that roamed the fairgrounds.

It wasn’t just the art that went to the next level, the stages did too. The famous electronic music focused Sahara Tent doubled in size and the lighting experience is something that reached insane proportions. Each artist had their own art that matched the tone of their music and the overall experience is one that electronic music fans are going to remember for years to come.

Coachella also added a new stage called the Yuma Tent. It wasn’t so much of a tent as it was a club. The Yuma Tent sported hardwood floors, air conditioning, couches, and really made its attendees feel like they were in a Vegas club. The DJs were more on the deep house side of the electronic music spectrum which gave the more mature festival goers a place to get away from the younger audience that the Sahara Tent attracts.

The crowd itself was one of the highlights of the weekend. The Coachella crowd, previously known for overdoing it on drugs and recklessly pushing themselves though the crowd, seemed to have grown up a little since last year. Everyone was very polite and pushing through the crowd was replaced with slowly making your way though and apologizing if you ran into anyone.

When day turned to night Coachella lit up like it always does. The entire property is surrounded by hundreds of palm trees; each one is illuminated by LED lights which change individually or all at once. Spotlights and LED balloons decorate the sky. The once lifeless modern building suddenly becomes a moving piece of art when projectors broadcast a group of people having a party and watching over the fairgrounds. This all combines into a festival experience that only Coachella can deliver.

As the weekend wore on festival-goers were able to have the weekend that they had been craving for so long. The artists, the stages, the art, and the crowd all combined to create a truly wonderful festival that will be remembered by everyone involved.

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