The Return of Rothbury? Electric Forest Festival 2011

There’s not much to go on other than a cryptic message on the official site, but it looks like another music festival is moving into the former home of the defunct Rothbury Festival. The Electric Forest 2011 website went live with nothing but a name, dates, and a promise of a lineup on February 28, 2011.

Here’s what we know: The dates of the mystery festival are June 30-July 3 and it’s being held at the Double JJ Ranch. This is leading to much speculation that this is the return of Rothbury as it’s the same 4th of July weekend and the same location.

Rothbury ran from 2008-2009. Despite its popularity, organizers decided not to hold it 2010 and told fans that the festival would return in 2011.

So what’s Electric Forest going to be? A rerun of Rothbury, an electronic festival, or something completely new? Leave your thoughts below.

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  • February 16, 2011

    Dustin Stern

    Cheesebury! I’m feeling heavy String Cheese family gathering, multiple nights of cheese, at least a couple eoto late nights can be sure, some other side projects, and I’m willing to put money on also a Rothbury level diverse lineup, but that’s more a hope as of now. You can expect the Sherwood Forest to be.. electric, at the very least.

  • February 17, 2011

    anthony benedict


  • May 19, 2011


    I don’t know about that it just seems like someone else intends to get rich off the already publicized Rothbury Music Fest but I guess that’s what it’s all about we’ll see I guess but they have alot to live up to!!

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