The Olympics Kill Another Festival – Big Chill Cancelled

The Olympics are coming to London this summer and shock waves are being felt throughout the UK music festival community. First Glastonbury took the year off — not huge news as the largest greenfield festival in the world usually takes the occasional break to let the land recover from the festival fan onslaught. But now we’ve got the Big Chill announcing that they will also take the summer off because of the Olympics.

Melvin Benn, the head honcho of Big Chill, posted a short statement on the website.

“It is with a considerable amount of regret that I have decided not to go ahead with The Big Chill in 2012.

I looked long and hard late last year at moving the date so it didn’t clash with the Olympics but the mix of the festival fans desire to keep the date and an inability to find an alternative date that works I plumped for maintaining the existing weekend. Sadly, the artist availability and confirmations we were achieving led me to conclude that I couldn’t risk going ahead with the event as an outdoor event this year. Efforts are being made to look to bring a smaller event indoors this year with the anticipation of Big Chill being back outdoors in 2013.”

Has the bubble finally burst on the UK music festival scene? Or do you think this is just an isolated incident due to the Olympics?

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