The Music Festival Wizard 2017 Year End Review

Here we are on the eve of 2018, which will be a very special year for Music Festival Wizard, as this May marks our 10th anniversary since we started this adventure with only 20 festival guides. It’s been a pleasure evolving with the current festival boom, and we’re curious to see where we all end up in the next decade, but for now we’re gazing back at the absolute blast that was the 2017 festival season.

The 150 Most Popular Music Festivals in the World for 2017

This year-end ranking list is different from others in that it’s data driven by you, the fans. We count up the visitors from 2017 to the various festival guides to come up with this annual year-end list. Like a music festival lineup, there’s stalwart headliners like Glastonbury, Coachella, and Lollapalooza, but one of the highlights is the number of up and coming festivals that find their way onto the list. Make sure to check it out and click on the various tabs to see the most popular festivals in your country, region, and state.

The 150 Most Popular Festival Artists For 2017

Like the previous list, this one is also data driven by the fans of Music Festival Wizard who are searching for for their favorite festival artists. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead top this year’s rankings out of nearly 1,000 artists we track on Music Festival Wizard.

The 50 Best Photos From Photographer Matias Altbach

Going through a collection that numbers in the tens of thousands, our European festival photographer Matias Altbach, selects his 50 favorite photos from 2017. As the official photographer for Lollapalooza, Melt, Mad Cool, and many others, his shots show a perspective of festivals that the rest of us only dream about.

Our Favorite Music Festival Posters From 2017

The staff at MFW comes across hundreds of festival lineups each year, and even in this digital age, the art of the music festival poster art is inspiring. We take a look back at 30 posters that caught our attention and imagination in 2017.

The MFW Deadpool: Festival Cancellations for 2017

The life-cycle of music festivals is always in flux and some will mark 2017 as their final year…or will they? In the MFW Deadpool, we take a look at festival cancellations over the year, the reasons behind it, and if they’ll rise from the dead.

100 Nights of Summer — All the Photo Galleries and Recaps for 2017

Editor-in-chief and co-founder, Vito Valentinetti, travels across Europe every summer covering 15 festivals in 15 countries in 15 weekends. He calls it 100 Nights of Summer, and you can see the collection of all his photo galleries and recaps right here.

Find Your Next Festival — The 2018 Music Festival Wizard Calendar

Okay, that’s enough nostalgia from the past year. It’s nearly the New Year and if you’re like us, your resolution will be to see more festivals. Nearly 95% of our festival guides have officially announced dates for 2018 and we’ve got them all listed in our calendar. The Australian festival season is underway right now, European fests have announced headliners, and the southern United States festival season starts in March. Thanks for spending time with us this past year and we’ll see you at a festival this summer!

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