The Music Festival Wizard 50: September Recap

After seven months running The MFW 50, this is the wildest run-down yet. Big festivals, tiny festivals, cruise festivals, 2013 festivals, overseas festivals — we are seeing a massive cross section of what our audience craves. We’re running strong on next year’s festival guides.

1. Beyond Wonderland: Bay Area 2012
2. Voodoo Music Experience 2012
3. Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2012
4. Global Festival 2012
5. Escape from Wonderland 2012
6. Electric Daisy Carnival Puerto Rico 2012
7. Ultra Music Festival Ibiza Fall 2012
8. Barcelona Accia Musical (BAM) 2012
9. Austin City Limits 2012
10. Coachella 2013
11. Holy Ship! 2013
12. I’ll Be Your Mirror New York 2012
13. Amsterdam Dance Event 2012
14. Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012
15. Beyond Wonderland 2013
16. Culture Collide 2012
17. CounterPoint Music Festival 2012
18. Treasure Island 2012
19. HARD Day of the Dead 2012
20. Lollaplooza 2013
21. Ultra Miami 2013
22. Solid Sound Festival 2013
23. Virgin Mobile Free Fest 2012
24. CMJ Music & Film Marathon 2012
25. South By Southwest 2013
26. Moogfest 2012
27. Soundland 2012
28. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2012
29. Magnolia Fest 2012
30. SnowGlobe 2012
31. Time Warp Holland 2012
32. Pitchfork Fest: Paris 2012
33. Bear Creek Music Festival 2012
34. Shiprocked 2012
35. BayFest 2012
36. Aftershock 2012
37. Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion 2012
38. Midpoint Music Festival 2012
39. Athens Popfest 2012
40. Sun and Sand Festival 2012
41. Burning Man 2012
42. Time Warp Italy 2012
43. iHeartRadio 2012
44. Utica Music Festival 2012
45. Souper Groove 2012
46. A3C Hip-Hop Festival 2012
47. STRP Festival 2012
48. Deluna Fest 2012
49. The Groove Cruise 2013
50. Simple Man Cruise 2012

#1 Spot: The king of September also happens to be debuting this fall. Beyond Wonderland expands to the Bay Area and guessing from its top spot on The MFW 50, we’re guessing that EDM fans are interested.

#9 Spot: Did you hear the news? ACL will double up in 2013. Good news for Texas fans and for the month of October. Maybe you’ll actually be able to get a ticket next year.

#13 Spot: Back in the day, this used to a tiny industry conference. Fast forward to 2012 where the Amsterdam Dance Event is one of the largest showcase festivals in the world.

#20 Spot: Speaking of back in the day, Lollapalooza used to spend its time touring around the US, then it settled in Chicago, and now in 2013 it will play Chicago, Chile, Israel, and Brazil. Wait…where was I going with this?

#25 Spot: So we find out this month if The Chief Junkie makes it onto a South By Southwest 2013 panel. The topic: David vs. Goliath which is pretty much our wheelhouse….

#32 Spot: Seriously, just hearing the word Paris in any festival title instantly makes me want to light up a cigarette, sigh heavily, and order another espresso.

#39 Spot: Always sad news when a festival goes on hiatus. Hopefully the Athens (one of our favorite Southern cities) Pop Fest will return bigger and badder than ever.

#41 Spot: It might be impossible to describe Burning Man in a single word, but that didn’t stop The Festival Guy from asking over a hundred burners to give a try.

#46 Spot: True story — Tech N9ne and I stole some vodka from Jay-Z. No questions please.

#50 Spot: PLAY SOME FREEBIRD!!!! (sorry)

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.