The Music Festival Wizard 50: August Recap

Like a Chuck Norris cat riding a fire breathing unicorn over a rainbow, we’re diving into 2013 full tilt. At least half a dozen next year fests jumped onto The MFW 50 during August. Speaking of upcoming shows, used to be in oldie times (like 2005) that autumn marked the end of festival season. Just take a gander here and tell us if that’s true. The MFW 50, however, is about looking  back at the most popular festivals on the site. Here we go…

1. Burning Man 2012
2. Voodoo Music Experience 2012
3. The Peach Music Festival 2012
4. Electric Zoo 2012
5. FYF Fest 2012
6. Coachella 2013*
7. Ultra Music Festival Ibiza Fall 2012
8. Austin City Limits 2012
9. Riot Fest Brooklyn 2012
10. Treasure Island 2012
11. Pacific Festival 2012
12. Rock The Bells 2012
13. Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012
14. North Coast Music Festival 2012
15. Ultra Music Festival Korea 2012
16. Catskill Chill Music Festival 2012
17. Barcelona Accia Musical (BAM) 2012*
18. Strawberry Music Festival 2012
19. I’ll Be Your Mirror New York 2012*
20. Beyond Wonderland: Bay Area 2012*
21. Culture Collide 2012
22. Solid Sound Festival 2013*
23. Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012
24. Electric Daisy Carnival Puerto Rico 2012
25. Made In America 2012
26. Rock Jam 2012
27. Deluna Fest 2012
28. Bella Terra Festival 2012
29. CounterPoint Music Festival 2012
30. Utica Music Festival 2012
31. Moogfest 2012
32. One Music Fest 2012
33. Amsterdam Dance Event 2012
34. Berlin Festival 2012
35. Summer Set Music Festival 2012
36. Ultra Miami 2013*
37. South By Southwest 2013*
38. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2012*
39. Holy Ship! 2013*
40. Rootwire Music Festival 2012
41. CMJ Music & Film Marathon 2012
42. Magnolia Fest 2012
43. Americana Music Festival 2012
44. iHeartRadio 2012
45. Soundland 2012
46. MusicfestNW (MFNW) 2012
47. Doheny Days 2012*
48. Hopscotch 2012
49. Musikfest 2012
50. Midpoint Music Festival 2012

#1 Spot: So much more than a music festival, there’s no show in the States as cutting edge, as experimental, and as downright trippy as Burning Man. This is the movie that Ron Howard should be making.

#6 Spot: It’s only been three months since Coachella was in The MFW 50. Expect the dual weekend mega-festival to stay up here until next April.

#12 Spot: The only traveling hip-hop festival still has one more stop to make in New Jersey. Check this absolutely incredible lineup.

#17 Spot: The Barcelona BAM festival debuts this month making it the first Spanish festival to land a spot on The 50.

#19 Spot: I’ll Be Your Mirror had some venue hiccups resulting in a change from New Jersey to smack dab in the middle of New York City. As long they they keep this lineup, we’ll follow them anywhere.

#23 Spot: As far as we know, the only music festival in the world that boasts a “taco cannon”.

#26 Spot: This lineup is heavy on the “rock” and light on the “jam”.

#29 and #32 Spots: Hotlanta is going off in September with two music festivals filled with DJs, hip-hop, and all the EDM you can handle.

#33 Spot: Amsterdam? Festival? Count. Us. In.

#36,37, and #39 Spots: Are you excited for 2013 yet?

#39 Spot: Speaking of 2013 and boat parties and festivals, this seems like the best way to kick of the new year…except it’s already sold out. Ship!

#46, 48, 50 Spots: Take indie acts, mix in sweet venues, and charge a low price to all shows. It’s not wonder that the recipe is working in from Portland to North Carolina.

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.