The MFW Deadpool Fall 2017: Together The People, Sound on Sound, Houston Open Air, TIMF, Apple Music Festival



The music festival scene is in a constant state of flux. For every new and shiny fest, we lose a fan favorite or a promising debut finds itself out of cash. In the MFW Deadpool, we take a look at the latest additions to the festival graveyard and predict who will rise from the dead.

Treasure Island

San Francisco, California, USA
Year Started: 2007
Reason For Cancellation: Treasure Island lost their home venue and has to leave the island.
Chance of a Return: The website FAQ fully answers all the questions surrounding the event and appears to be a strong indicator of a 2018 return of the fest. Still, the Bay Area is a tricky place to to secure a venue, so we will give TIMF 7 out of 10 pirates chance of return.

Together The People

Brighton, England
Year Started: 2015
Reason For Cancellation: Couldn’t get headlining artists that they “believe would do justice to the event and city of Brighton.”
Chance of a Return: The UK festival scene is highly competitive when it comes to booking talent, so no surprise they had trouble with the lineup. Organizers are calling 2017 a “rest year”, but with a festival that’s only 2 years old and a blank website, we’re only giving out a 1 out 10 chance that we will be together again.

Sound on Sound

Houston, Texas
Year Started: 2016
Reason For Cancellation: “Roadblocks” — translates to one of the primary investors pulling out last minute for unspecified reasons.
Chance of a Return: The spiritual successor to the cancelled Fun Fun Fun Fest, Sound on Sound appeared to have a happy future in Texas, so we’re a bit surprised to see the plug pulled on it so soon. The official statement says they aren’t planning on bringing back the festival for next year so we have to go with a muted 3 out of 10.

Houston Open-Air

Houston, Texas
Year Started: 2015
Reason For Cancellation: Hurricane Harvey devastated the region
Chance of a Return: Even though the cause of the cancellation was out of organizer’s hands, the third year of a festival can be a tricky one as the festival loses the brand momentum from its initial launch. We give the return of Open Air, a cautious 7 out of 10 chance of return.

Apple Music Festival

London, England
Year Started: 2007
Reason For Cancellation: No reason provided.
Chance of a Return: Less of a music festival and more of a concert series, the Apple Music Festival (also known as the iTunes Festival in previous years), was mostly your standard corporate marketing/music synergy corporate event. It had a decade long run so we’re going to let it quietly rest with a 0 out of 10.


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