The MFW Interview: Dedicated Servers

The Dedicated Servers are well-known in the underground Boise hip-hop scene for playing high energy shows. They’ve also been getting their feet wet in the festival scene and recently finished a winter tour of the West.  The group consists of MCMD, Peanut, and the Resident Genius. While MCMD and Peanut soak up the limelight on stage, Resident Genius mixes beats in his underground lair with occasional assistance from Peanut. I caught up with the guys at the debut Treefort Festival in their hometown of Boise.

MFW:  How did you meet?

MCMD:  I would see Peanut around school but we didn’t talk much because he was way too cool for me.  He had catch phrases , walked around like a cool dude, and he could break dance.  It wasn’t until the 10th grade when we sat next to each other in class that I discovered he knew the home planet of Luke Skywalker.  The rest of high school was pretty typical, we worked at the arcade together, played video games, and talked about Star Wars.

MFW:  When did you guys start playing music?

Peanut:  In 2004 after we graduated high school.  Resident Genius started earlier playing and making music all through high school.

MFW: Did you guys write a birthday song and if so can you perform a piece of it for us? 

Peanut: We did write a birthday song for a friend but it was really only part birthday and part prank.  Basically, we wrote the song to make fun of our friend and I wouldn’t feel right performing it in front of a lady.

MCMD:  It’s funny but word got out and we’ve actually gotten requests to write more birthday songs.  I guess we’re kinda good at it.

MFW:  If you could describe Dedicated Servers in one sentence what would it be?

Peanut:  We put the mint in entertain-mint because we’re fresh.

MFW:  How was opening for Lupe Fiasco?

MCMD:  We were honored and stoked to open that show and the coolest thing happened, a freestyle session between Peanut and I randomly broke out on stage during the performance.  It really made the show that much more memorable and one of a kind.

MFW:  Because we’re huge fans of “Hall of Famers”, what is the contra code?

Peanut:  (laughs and says) I’m going to have to let MCMD answer this one!

MCMD:  Up up down down left right left right BA start.

Following this interview, Dedicated Servers went on to play a bar hopping, pop locking, elbow knocking, jaw dropping performance at Treefort Fest 2012. You can find out more about Dedicated Servers at their website below.

Official Website: The Dedicated Servers


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