The Lowdown on Artist Sponsored Festivals

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Going on on a tour is so 2009. Riding around on a dirty bus, dozens of stops, being on the road — what a hassle. These days major artists are throwing their own festivals. Here’s the status report on four popular bands.

Pearl Jam Mystery Festival
When Pearl Jam announced early this year that they would host a festival, the Internet exploded with excitement. Since then we’ve heard..well nothing, to be exact. All that’s known is that it will be held “somewhere in the middle of the U.S.”

Dave Matthews Band Caravan
Fans were crushed to hear that DMB wouldn’t tour in 2011. Then they pulled a “Pearl Jam”, but instead of one festival, they are going to host four. The first one in Atlantic City, already has a venue, dates, tickets, and a lineup. The second show will be held in the Midwest July 8-10, with the other two going off August and September.

311 Pow Wow
The deep heart of the Florida swamp is where 311 decided to have their festival. There will be canoeing, disc golf, and a whopping four sets by 311 (it is their own festival after all). There’s no lineup yet beyond that, but tickets are already on sale.

moe.down and snoe.down
These guys are no strangers to the artist sponsored festival. For years, moe. has been hosting their own shows in the northeast. The snoe.down takes place this March, while the much larger moe.down happens over Labor Day Weekend.

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