The Local Scene: Music Festival on Buses!

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There’s thousands of amazing and unique local festivals happening around world. In The Local Scene, we highlight a festival that may not grab the headlines, but definitely grabs our attention. This week we check out the 111 Music Festival which combines music and buses. 

Except for the weird dude humming next to you, public transportation music most definitely does not rock. That’s why this weekend the 111 Music Fest will connect riders and music in the Coachella Valley with a a one of a kind music festival. On November 1st, riders on the Highway 111 bus line will be treated to a music festival while rolling down the road.

The mission is to “connect local art, music & culture with public transportation.” When you need a break from the traveling festival, jump off at at the Cathedral City Festival Lawn with music all day, food trucks, and interactive art.

Bands will include: Alchemy, Alex Harrington, Alfa Cologne, Brightner, CANVAS, Caxton, CIVX, Doug Van Sant (Flusters), Eevaan Tre, Giselle Woo, Hannah Mills, Hive Minds, Ideation, IIIZ, Johnny Elsewhere, Jonzy, Kevin Francis, La Bus Bohème, Luthergates, Machin’, Maddy Ebersole, MermaidVision, MONREAUX, Sun Baked, Symara Stone, The BrosQuitos, The Flusters, and Venus & The Traps.

All this for the price of normal bus fare — $1 for a one-way ricde or $3 for an all day pass. See more information and details on the official 111 Music Festival website.

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.