The Ladies of Sturgis 2009


There are four solid legs that prop up the Sturgis Rally spectacular beyond all other festivals. Sick motorcycles, nightly concerts, copious amounts of booze, and scantily clad girls.

You used to be able to walk around Sturgis with your top off. Not anymore. It’s a $111 fine for showing off the ta-tas. When I asked a local resident why town officials put the ban into effect, his response was “because they’re gay.”

What isn’t banned: pasties, bootie shorts, assless chaps with barely there lingerie, painted boobs, bikini contests, and girls covered in whip cream. The MFW crew did their best to present you with a sampling of what went down at Sturgis.

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Ladies Of Sturgis-43 Ladies Of Sturgis-5 Ladies Of Sturgis-2 Ladies Of Sturgis-4
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