The Best Snow Music Festivals in the World: 2016 Winter Edition

Snowboxx 2

Snowboxx lighting it up. Photo Credit: Snowboxx

The winter home of Music Festival Wizard has proudly been Big Sky in Montana for a number of years and when we’re not riding on the snow, we’re festivalling. It doesn’t get any better than when those two worlds mash up in the middle of winter.

There are more winter festivals than ever before. Here are some of our top picks but remember even if you can’t get to to one of these snow parties, check your favorite hill for local and regional fests.


The French literally invented “apres-ski” so expect this week long festival in the Alps to completely pop off. The madness includes igloo raves, concerts held right on the slopes, and their very own club XX right in the heart of Avoriaz.

Horizon Festival

We’re just going to spit out some phrases found on the front page of Bulgaria’s Horizon Festival: Thermal pool rave, bowling arena, forest paintball wars, Snowlympics, flash-mob ski downs, abandoned hotel raves, and secret parties. Oh yeah, they’ll also have 120 international DJs.


Those young whippersnappers on this list can’t compete with the history of the Snowbombing Festival. Clocking in at a venerable 15 years or so, Snowbombing is the forefather of the modern-day winter music festival. With a heavy emphasis on EDM, Europe’s largest snow and music festival adds in a dash of indie and rock to keep it interesting.

Photo Credit: Andrew Whitton/Snowbombing

Photo Credit: Andrew Whitton/Snowbombing

Caprices Festival

You know the drill. Ski and snowboard all day, then party all night with cutting edge EDM artists from around the world. Okay, you might be partying all day as well in a transparent mountaintop tent that shows off the jaw-dropping Swiss Alps. Rest up before you go because sleep is not an option at Caprices.

Big Sky Blue Grass

Hey, we’ve to give it up to our hometown hill (and not just because we live here). It isn’t easy to get to Big Sky, so we’re always pumped at the national bluegrass talent brought it for this show. And our mountain rips.


We wish there were more winter festivals like SnowGlobe (RIP SnowBall). It’s a full throw-down boutique EDM fest held over New Year’s Eve in the rowdy ski town of South Lake Tahoe. Between the gambling, the after hour parties, and the riding at Heavenly, you’ll be hard press to make it to the festival grounds!


Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.