The 50 Most Popular Festivals in the USA for 2022
By / December 21, 2022


Welcome to the end of 2022 and our semi-scientific rundown of the most popular festivals here on Music Festival Wizard. This year we saw record traffic across the website as revelers around the world embraced the first full festival season since 2019. In this article, we run down the ranking of the most popular fests in the United States with Made In America grabbing the #1 spot.

Click over here to see the Europe rankings and here for what went down in the United Kingdom.

How We Determine Rankings

The MFW staff digs through 30,000,000+ pageviews across 1200 festival guides over the past 18 months.

Festivals for 2022: 1200
June 1, 2021 – November 30, 2022
Pageviews for MFW: 30,00,000
Visitors to MFW: 10,700,000

USA Most Popular History: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017

Top 50 Most Popular Fests In The USA For 2022


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