The 35 Best Music Festivals Around the World for March 2023
By / January 4, 2023

March is on its way and Music Festival Wizard is already diving into festival season with loads of questions for our future plans. Warm weather or skiing? Mainstream lineups or underground artists? EDM or metal? Big or small?! We do know this — the following festivals have a bit of something for everyone. Spring Break 2023 is on!

Envision Festival 2023

When: February 27-March 8, 2023

Where: Uvita, Costa Rica

The Scene: Tucked into a corner of Costa Rica where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean, Envision Festival brings together an international community at this transformational festival. The four-day festival centers on art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, and nature. Taking place near the end of February, it's also a wonderful escape from the frigid winter.

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Okeechobee Music Festival 2023

When: March 2-5, 2023

Where: Okeechobee, FL

The Scene: Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival burst onto the Florida scene in 2016 and immediately become a fan favorite. Taking place in early March, Okeechobee is now the first major music festival of the US festival season and provides a glimpse of touring summertime artists. The festival's home at Sunshine Grove is a treat for campers with lush grassy fields, a sandy beach, and a majestic grove.

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McDowell Mountain Music Festival (M3F) 2023

When: March 3-4, 2023

Where: Phoenix, AZ

The Scene: It may be early spring everywhere else in the United States, but March is like summertime down in Arizona and McDowell Mountain Music Festival (M3F Fest) takes full advantage of the warm weather. The now annual celebration of community and charity has become a solid fixture in the growing Phoenix festival scene.

The Lineup: ,

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WinterWonderGrass Colorado 2023

When: March 3-5, 2023

Where: Steamboat Springs, CO

The Scene: WinterWonderGrass drops into Steamboat Springs, Colorado for this snowy edition of bluegrass and snow sports. If you have never been to Steamboat, we can vouch that it's one of the best ski towns in the world.

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Rolling Loud Cali 2023

When: March 3-5, 2023

Where: Los Angeles, CA

The Scene: Rolling Loud is everywhere! After stops in Miami and New York City, the hottest hip-hop festival in years comes to California. Catch three days of some of the best artists on the scene.

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Don’t Let Daddy Know Amsterdam 2023

When: March 4, 2023

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Scene: The world's mecca for dance music festivals, Amsterdam roars into March with the Don't Let Daddy Know Festival. 350,000+ fans from nearly 100 different countries unite inside the Ziggo Dome to create a 'one big family vibe'. DLDK doesn't stop there with more than a dozen editions around the world and their own music label.

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CRSSD Festival Spring 2023

When: March 4-5, 2023

Where: San Diego, CA

The Scene: CRSSD Festival returns to Waterfront Park in downtown San Deigo with this now annual springtime event. The electronic heavy festival has introduced indie rock into the lineup over the last few editions as well as some incredible underground DJs. Leave the hula hoops, LED gloves, and totems at home -- they're prohibted at CRSSD.

The Lineup: , ,

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The World Is A Vampire Festival 2023

When: March 4, 2023

Where: Mexico City, Mexico

The Scene: Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins curates this new single-day mega-festival happening in downtown Mexico City.

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SXM Festival 2023

When: March 8-12, 2023

Where: Saint Martin

The Scene: 'Set on the paradise island of Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten, featuring the creme of international DJs and electronic music talent, SXM Festival prides it itself upon drawing the most discerning crowd of music lovers. A reaction to large, faceless festivals around the world, year one of SXM saw an influential group of dancefloor aficionados – who value and respect the scene’s history and culture – come together in beautiful surroundings to dance together and experience the joys of one of the Caribbean’s most fun and friendly locations.'

The Lineup: ,

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Country 2 Country (C2C) 2023

When: March 10-12, 2023

Where: London, UK

The Scene: Country comes to the United Kingdom! What started as a London concert in 2013 has turned into a traveling country festival tour that hits up London, Glasgow, and Dublin every March. The main event in London now boasts 80,000 fans and brings a solid dose of Nashville to England.

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Pitch Festival 2023

When: March 10-14, 2023

Where: Moyston, Australia

The Scene: Pitch is a boutique electronic fest that takes place in the Grampian Plains of rural Victoria.

The Lineup:

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Esoteric Festival 2023

When: March 10-14, 2023

Where: Donald, Australia

The Scene: Esoteric Festival is a psychedelic music, arts and lifestyle gathering held during Labour Day Weekend amongst the gum trees of Donald in Western Victoria.

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Ultra South Africa 2023

When: March 10-11, 2023

Where: Johannesburg/Cape Town, SA

The Scene: Pack your bags! The Ultra Music Festival is going to South Africa with two stops in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Coming along for the ride are the biggest names in the electronic scene along with Ultra's trademark high-quality sound.

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WOMADelaide 2023

When: March 10-13, 2023

Where: Adelaide, Australi

The Scene: WOMADelaide is an iconic open-air festival set in Adelaide’s stunning Botanic Park and an award-winning celebration of the very best of the world of music, arts and dance.

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Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival 2023

When: March 10-12, 2023

Where: Miami, FL

The Scene: Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance is a part of the 30 year running not-for-profit GrassRoots Festival’s four seasons of GrassRoots.

The Lineup:

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Golden Plains 2023

When: March 11-13, 2023

Where: Meredith, Australia

The Scene: There's no commercial sponsors, no market stalls, no commercial signage, and a strict 'no dickhead' policy at Golden Plains -- just a few of the features of this transformational festival that makes it beloved by Australian festies. Less a festival and more a community experiment, Golden Plains welcomes all to the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheater.

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Isle of Light 2023

When: March 11, 2023

Where: Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic

The Scene: Isle of Light Festival is a single day complete immersion of music, art, and good vibes. Live the experience and enjoy a local and international mix of rock, indie, and pop.

The Lineup:

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Wireless Festival Middle East 2023

When: March 11, 2023

Where: Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Scene: Wireless Festival, Europe’s biggest celebration of urban music and pop culture, featuring exclusive performances from the world’s biggest stars across hip-hop, urban, rap, R&B, grime, dance and more is coming to the Middle East! The 2023, inaugural edition to be held on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, promises to be the event of the year, with multiple stages, 13+ live performances, F&B, and winning activations.

The Lineup: ,

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Reggae Rise Up 2023

When: March 16-19, 2023

Where: St. Petersburg, FL

The Scene: Reggae Rise Up Florida returns to Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, Florida in March for 3 full days full of positive vibes and great music!

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Lollapalooza Chile 2023

When: March 17-19, 2023

Where: Santiago, Chile

The Scene: If August is too long to wait for the flagship Lollapalooza (and you’re dying to take a trip to Chile) head to this South American edition. Started in 2011, the Santiago ‘palooza features two days of international headliners mixed with influential Chilean acts. For true Lolla fans, stick around the continent and check out the other editions in Brazil and Argentina.

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Lollapalooza Argentina 2023

When: March 17-19, 2023

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Scene: Lollapalooza has become one of the premier music events in Argentina thanks to its staggering lineup of artists. The Hipodromo de San Isidro in Buenos Aires hosts this gigantic three-day event.

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Hibernation Festival 2023

When: March 17-18, 2023

Where: Pas de la Casa, Andorra

The Scene: Five friends and lovers of electronic music meet for the first time in Andorra, and years later they return to create their dream festival. That's the story of the Hibernation Festival, a crazy adventure that takes place at 2000 meters above sea level at the largest ski area in the Pyrenees.

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Southport Weekender Festival 2023

When: March 17-19, 2023

Where: Bognor Regis, UK

The Scene: Southport Weekender, billed as The World's Friendliest Party, is a 3-day festival in the UK spring.

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Snowboxx 2023

When: March 18-25, 2023

Where: Avoriaz, France

The Scene: The ultimate mountain party takes you from the peaks of the French Alps into the heart of charming Avoriaz and the Snowboxx Village. Two huge main stage events anchor a week of apres-ski, on-mountain concerts, igloo raves, and tropical waterpark parties. This is one wild week in France.

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Vive Latino 2023

When: March 18-19, 2023

Where: Mexico City, Mexico

The Scene: It's one of the most important Spanish rock festivals in the world, highlighting acts from all over Ibero-America for nearly twenty years. The festival also dips into ska, reggae, and international artists.

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Innings Festival Florida 2023

When: March 18-19, 2023

Where: Tampa, FL

The Scene: After a successful run in the spring training mecca of Arizona, the Innings Festival will expand to another temple of of baseball. The latest edition of the Innings Festival is a 2-day fest at Raymond James Festival in Tampa so be prepared for plenty of music and sports.

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Rail Rider Jamboree 2023

When: March 18, 2023

Where: Ellicottville, NY

The Scene: Get ready for music, slopes, and BREWskis at this ski resort single day celebration of jam music and snow.

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Treefort Music Festival 2023

When: March 22-26, 2023

Where: Boise, ID

The Scene: Boise in Idaho may sound like an odd city choice for an epic festival, but the Treefort Festival continues to impress us year after year. Treefort typically takes place the week after SXSW to take advantage of artists heading back to the Northwest. Short lines and a welcoming city continually keeps Treefort at the top of our list. Since their inception, the festival has grown in size to include film, yoga, beer, and comedy.

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Estereo Picnic 2023

When: March 23-26, 2023

Where: Bogota, Colombia

The Scene: Beginning as as a single day local festival, the Estéreo Picnic Festival has transformed into Colombia's modern-day mega-festival. With alumni like The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pixies, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon, Jack White, Snoop Dogg, New Order, and Foals, Estéreo Picnic has made its mark as he biggest alternative festival in the country.

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Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023

When: March 23-26, 2023

Where: Live Oak, FL

The Scene: For four days in March, you can slip your shoes off and dance under the bright blue vistas and star studded skies. Wander the endless trails along the Suwannee River, tell stories around the crackling campfire or simply lie back and watch the Spanish moss that drapes the sheltering Live Oaks that sway in the breeze.

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Beyond Wonderland 2023

When: March 24-25, 2023

Where: San Bernardino, CA

The Scene: It's time to journey back down the rabbit hole for this Alice in Wonderland themed fest. Insomniac's springtime EDM festival in southern California, the sister festival of Nocturnal Wonderland, features everything from house to trance to dubstep to drum and bass. We'll see you at the Mad Hatter's Castle.

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Ultra Music Festival Miami 2023

When: March 24-26, 2023

Where: Miami, FL

The Scene: For EDM fans around the world, Ultra in Miami is a must-stop on the international circuit. While most of the United States is shivering in parkas waiting for the summer festival season, Ultra fans are dancing their asses off in sunny Miami. The show always delivers surprises – both in the musical acts and the fans that attend.

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Lollapalooza Brasil 2023

When: March 24-26, 2023

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

The Scene: Not content to spend the winter in Chicago, Lollapalooza travels to South America every spring for stops in Chile, Brasil, and Argentina. Huge international artists mix with local and national talent for a mega-festival experience that changes every stop.

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Apocalypse in the Desert 2023

When: March 24-25, 2023

Where: Las Vegas, NV

The Scene: Apocalypse in the Desert is focused on embracing all genres of metal from pop-metal to radio-metal to metalcore to black-metal over this two-day event in Las Vegas.

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Punk in the Park Ventura 2023

When: March 25, 2023

Where: Silverado, CA

The Scene: Punk In the Park is pleased to announce a new installment for 2023 at Ventura Fairgrounds on the beautiful coastline of Ventura California. Attendees will enjoy an epic lineup of punk rock icons with 2 stages and a ton of craft beer sampling.

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Shapes Festival Leysin 2023

When: March 27-April 2, 2023

Where: Leysin, Switzerland

The Scene: From Greek islands to Nordic capitols to the mountains of Switzerland, Shapes Festival gathers up the best electronic artists for incredible underground parties. The winter adventure of Shapes takes place deep in the Swiss Alps at Leysin.

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