[Table] EDM Festival Attendance for 2012

The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

Our friend Stefanie Jones at Drugpolicy.org has been working on EDM festival attendance and pulled together this dandy chart (with a little help from MFW) for a conference. Since festival data is fairly scarce on the web, we’re going to repost it here and try to fill it out over the next couple of months.

Electronic Music Festival Attendance 2012 

Festival Location Dates Attendance
Electric Daisy Carnival (1) Las Vegas, NV June 8-10 300,000+
Ultra Music Festival (2) Miami, FL March 23-25 150,000+
Electric Zoo New York, NY August 31-Sept 2 110,000+
Electric Daisy Carnival NY (4) New York, NY May 18-20 100,000+
Movement Festival Detroit, MI May 26-28 100,000+
Hard Summer (6) Los Angeles, CA August 3-4 50,000+
Nocturnal Wonderland Texas Rockdale, TX April 27-28 35,000
Decibel Festival Seattle, WA Sept 20-24 25,000+
Electric Forest Rothbury, MI June 28-July 1 25,000
Wakarusa Ozark, AR May 31-June 3 15,000+

A few notes about these numbers:

1. These are “semi-official” numbers.  Where possible, we’ve tried to include a source.
2. The attendance is for the total attendance over the course of the festival. It’s not the number of individuals.
3. Got a more accurate count? Post your numbers (and source) below in the comments.

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