Sustainability Meets Style at Pickathon 2015

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Pickathon has been designed to show that music festivals can still be a blast, even when sustainability is thrown into the mix. Pickathon highlights their role in eliminating a majority of single use items, increasing the use of refillable water bottles and finding alternative means of transportation for those attending. Pickathon is doing their part to keep unnecessary waste from landfills, so Music Festival Wizard has decided to do the same.  Here are just a few basic ways to save those clothes you were planning on throwing away.

Give the staples new life– it takes a bit of extra work, but there a plethora of options to help DIY old clothes into something you might wear again. It can be anything from cutting them up and building accessories from them, to busting out the sewing machine and giving that stretched out sweater a facelift.  Not only does this approach make you the designer of your own style, but you are saving the Earth from indecomposable items in the process.

Recycling top trends- Set up a bit differently than a second hand shop, there are many individual stores whose business thrives on purchasing the unwanted clothes brought to them, in exchange for trade to the store, and sometimes cash.  A clever business, this is definitely an efficient way to walk out of a store with an entirely new look!

Donating to a good cause- Often times, there’s a great chance that you can take unwanted clothing items to any store that takes donations, in return for a percentage off of your total after shopping.  There are no guarantees that you will wind up with a new wardrobe, but there is a great chance that you can find at least one item, do a few touch ups and modifications, and add a new piece to your clothing collection.


Writing about the world of festival fashion on a college budget, this music festival junkie is full of tips and tricks when it comes to DIY clothing (mostly because she’s too cheap to buy in retail). This dumpster diver is all about finding new ways to spice old things!