Stereosonic Announces 2015 Dates — Returns to Single Day Format


After flirting with two day festivals, Stereosonic will only feature single day shows in 2015. The traveling Australian tour will stop at all the usual locations from November 28-December 6, 2015. Trying to look on the bright side of festival shrinkage, Stereosonic highlights that tickets will start at under $130.00 in all cities.

From the official statement:
The two day concept started as a special celebration of our 5th year anniversary. We loved it so much that we were seduced into doing it again for a second year, however the change was never meant to be permanent and we are going back to our original format of one day.

Tour Dates for 2015
Sydney: Saturday, November 28th
Perth: Sunday, November 29th
Adelaide: Saturday, December 5th
Melbourne: Saturdy, December 5th
Brisbane: Sunday, December 6th

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