Six Reasons To Bring a Smartphone to a Music Festival


Musicians aren’t the only ballers at a music festival. Packing a cell phone is like hiring a crew that does nothing but cater to your personal comfort. Below are six positions that your phone will fill besides acting as a stand in for a lighter

1. Personal Festival Assistant
Most music festivals have replaced bulky paper schedules with sweet apps that let you know the whens and wheres of your favorite artists. They also usually give the skinny on festival maps, upcoming special shows, and background on unknown acts that you may stumble across.

2. Photographer/Videographer
Cell phone cameras have come a long way from the shaky, blurry, pixelated messes of the past. Most smartphones boast a decent 5MP camera that are perfect for duck lipped portraits and the next viral dance video.

3. Weatherman
Smartphones have given to us the power of amateur weather forecasters. This comes in handy when deciding whether to suit up in rainboots or flip flops before trekking over to the main festival grounds. It also allows you to say things like: “According to this radar projection, the thunderstorm will just pass us by.” Your friends will praise you as a genius. Or ditch the nerd. Which leads us to…

4. Detective
Your friends will go missing. Maybe for the entire weekend. This is a fact of life at music festivals. Used to be you shrugged it off and hoped they would arrive by Sunday, but now it’s even easier to shoot off a text and meet back up — if you want to find them. There’s something to be said for getting lost at a festival.

5. Performer
Tunes are crucial to the perfect campsite. Smartphones coupled with portable speakers have replaced massive boomboxes or the always desperate “open-car-door-shitty-stero” effect. But what about the fact that boomboxes are completely awesome?

6. Public Relations Specialist
For your friends that didn’t come with you to the festival because of some lame reason like work or children, your phone will be crucial in bragging via Facebook, Twitter, etc… Also handy for letting your mom know that you’re not dead.

Born during a backstage Bonnaroo downpour, Vito's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to all the great festivals that this wide world has to offer.