Sasquatch Music Festival 2015 Announces Official Dates and Tickets

Photo Credit: Matthew Lamb

Much like that fashion trend you debuted last summer that you thought would look amazing but ultimately your friends just ended up mocking you, the status quo of the annual Sasquatch Festival has been reestablished. Sasquatch is back to four days from May 22-25, 2015 with tickets going on sale this Friday.

If you recall in 2014, the northwestern mega-festival tried to pull a Coachella and run for two weekends. In a strange twist on the double fest, the twins were separated by half the summer with one being held on Memorial Day Weekend and the other on the Fourth of July. The community did not respond the fuzzy embrace of a mid-summer Sasquatch and the plug was pulled by the end of spring. Organizers were brutally honest saying that “the second weekend was not embraced. We felt it was better to cancel the new event now and give everyone time to make alternative plans for the Fourth of July weekend.”

The presale starts Black Friday, November 28th at 9 am with a limited amount of Four Day Festival Passes priced at $325 (inclusive of Ticketmaster fees).

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